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Carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation:

Honor the teachers and respect their teaching.

Z: The morning meeting begins, all stand up.

X: Sing the national anthem, salute! ——Please be seated.

Z & X: Good morning, dear teachers and students.

Z: I'm Zhu Ruijie, publicity member of the School Youth League Committee.

X: I'm Xu Jingming, publicity member of the School Youth League Committee. Let's listen to a brain twister. Do you know who is the smartest person in the classroom?

Z: It's... a teacher.

X: Why?

Z: Because teachers teach us all kinds of knowledge in class. The most important thing is that the teacher knows the answer to the exam question before we take the exam.

X: Who is the kindest liar in the world?

Z: It's... teacher.

X: Why?

Z: Because the teacher made me believe that I was much smarter than I was. Before I understand a new boring knowledge point, let me believe that I am interested in this knowledge.

X: Let me ask you another question. What is the teacher teaching, not books?

Z: It's... life. General Secretary Xi said, "Many teachers have taught me, so far I can remember what they look like. They have taught me knowledge and the truth of being a man, which has benefited me immensely."

 X: All these words and sentences are imbued with General Secretary Xi's respect for the teachers who fought silently on the three foot platform and his gratitude for the teachers who taught him in the past. On September 9, 2016, General Secretary Xi returned to his old school, Beijing Bayi School, where he spent his primary and junior high school years. General Secretary Xi shook hands with the teachers and happily recalled the past.

Z: Time flies. The teachers who taught him in those days had been old with gray hair. What is always unchanged, is the deep love between teachers and students. General Secretary Xi said that our teachers were very strict with us in those days, but now in retrospect, we have benefit from it for life. A teacher said to the general secretary, "you have brought happiness to the people." General Secretary Xi replied, "it's the teachers who trained us."

X: The noblest occupation under the sun is teachers - they accompany our growing hearts with their hearts, ignite our surging youth with youth, and illuminate our lofty dreams with dreams. During the Coronavirus outbreak, from boundless classroom to campus epidemic prevention, or study or life, teachers gave us meticulous care and instruction.

Z: The teacher is always on duty or not familiar with the temperature measurement in the morning. Although wearing a mask, I can't say "good morning, teacher." But we can't help having a polite and kind look at the teacher, or wave a hand to say hello, these casual passing will surely bring surprise and moving to teachers.

X: The jade pot has a heart of ice, and the ink pen writes the soul of the teacher. This is always the truest portrayal of our beloved teachers.

Z: Now let's ask Mr. Chen Mingjie to lead Zhou ningyue, Qian Jiazhen, Dai Chenqi, and Pan Jinhao to sing "dedication" for you.

X: Applause, please.

Z: These are our teachers, silent dedication, teaching batch after batch of students. X: Here, on behalf of all the students of NFLS, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our staff and our property management teachers.

Z&X thank you, teachers!

Z: Respecting teachers is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and it is also an important embodiment of our students' cultural self-cultivation.

X: Clean blackboard, clean and comfortable classroom, they make the teachers feel comfortable.

Z: Listen carefully in class, actively interact with the teachers, and look at the teachers when answering questions to show respect.

Z: We have grown from innocent kids to middle school students with a little cultural literacy. Teachers have devoted much effort and sweat from our kindergartens to senior high schools! The teacher’s kindness is as heavy as mountains, unmeasurable! But it is also very light, like the air, in our ordinary life.

X: It's Teacher's Day on Thursday. On this day, let’s pay tribute to our beloved teachers and thank them for their contributions to the cause of education. Let's take advantage of this festival to express our sincere respect and gratitude to teachers.

Z: The new students of Junior 1 and Senior 1, at this moment, take time to visit the teachers in primary and junior high schools. It's their hard work that makes you what you are today.

X: The graduates of Junior 3 and Senior 3 should remember to go back to your old schools to visit your teachers when you come to a new stage in the future. It is they who have made your future brilliant.

Z&X:Peach flowers and plum flowers are fragrant, our teachers’ kindness is unforgettable. Dear teachers, thank you!

Z: I wish you happiness, you deserve to have all the good things.

X: Students, carry forward the social fashion of respecting teachers and education, and the journey of national rejuvenation will be more hopeful.

Z & X: That's the end of the morning meeting. Thank you!