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Sing a song of youth, let the dream set sail from here

"Open the colorful dream and let fly the expectation..." "At the beginning, we are all children, and in the end we are eager to be angels..." Stepping into NFLS campus, everything is fresh, everything is dazzling. With the song of youth, my heart is filled with the dream of youth.

Step by stey, we'll cover thousands of miles 

At the entrance education mobilization meeting, we gathered in the lecture hall to listen to the opening speech of Principal Zou. "Although the road of life is long, there are only a few steps in the important place. Entering junior high school represents the beginning of a new stage of life. We should always follow the mentality of returning to zero, throw away the past pride and chagrin, and start from zero and re-plan our goals. "Through the key turning point from primary school to junior high school, a new road is extending under our feet. Principal Zou's words remind us and enlighten us to put down the past, look forward to the future, strive for the present, always regard learning as a happy thing, pursue interest and unremitting exploration, so that we can be close to and realize our dreams

Learning to be a reasonable man with the firm ambition


Be a modern man with Chinese soul and world mind is the goal pursued by NFLSers. Following the teachers, we have studied the campus Handbook, we have come to know the school spirit of "seeking truth, striving, erudite and modest" and the study style of "diligent, practical, specialized and broad".


Senior schoolmates showed us around the campus warmly and carefully. The original unfamiliar campus looked more intimate and lovely. 

Emergency evacuation drill; the class work together to do the cleaning. Under the teacher's careful guidance, we are more and more like a familiar family.

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If primary school is still a paradise for growth and games, then junior high school is a school for self-discipline and hard work. The rules and regulations are well managed, and rewards and punishments are clear. They all teach us to develop a sense of rules. Being down-to-earth, diligent and enterprising, tolerant and humble, the NFLSers are never-ending in the pursuit of excellence.

If you want to go forward, you will come.

After six days of training, senior high school students are walking in unison, receiving review, clanging and roaring all over the sky. They are upright in posture, firm in pace and graceful in military fist. On the playground, the solemn and sonorous command of the instructors, the orderly steps of the senior students and the loud military songs made us feel like what Su Shi said: "those who made great achievements in ancient times not only had extraordinary talents, but also had perseverance." Although we have never stood in the hot sun, but the spirit of struggle does not change. Firm faith is the beacon of progress, we will also be tenacious struggle, never give up.


Two days of entrance education let us have a better understanding of NFLS. New world, rich resources, this is a platform for "all kinds of talents" to compete on the same stage.

At the opening ceremony, we also admire the achievements of senior schoolmates in the college entrance examination. These are the high spirited and outstanding NFLSers. All kinds of opportunities and challenges also inspire us who are eager to emerge.

When I press down the excitement in my heart, I want to suppress the green and unsophisticated and behave more "like" a NFLSer. I suddenly realize that there is no need to "like" because it is already "yes". I hope we can seek light and pursue dreams, ride through the wind and waves, and continue to write about the glory of NFLS.