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To Military Training in Camouflage in August:

Nanjing Foreign Language School 2020 Senior 1 Students

Military Training Report performance

Under the urging of cicadas and the scorching of sunlight, time passed quickly. It seems that it was one or two days ago to listen to the lecture in the lecture hall; now we will have to say goodbye to military training and this summer.


We kept in mind every move of the capture boxing. We followed the drum beat of military music and stepped every step well. We strived to raise our legs and kept our arms up. We hoped it was a perfect ending to the seven-day military training. 

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Under the clear blue sky, the playground was full of camouflage clothes. The small faces raised with the light of self-confidence and perseverance. The hot sun jumped up and down on the bodies, and the crystal clear sweat ran down the faces. The results of several days' hard training were finally demonstrated. We stood on the red track in military posture, and the military training report performance began.


"Nanjing Foreign Language School 2020 Senior 1 students military training report performance now begins!" With the chief instructor's order, we began to accept review in camouflage clothes, with a neat pace in square formations. After military training, the Senior 1 students were full of spirit, military postures were dignified, the queues were neat, loud and clear slogans resounded over the campus. In front of the school flag, the 12 companies performed in line in turn. Walking past the rostrum, roaring and yelling, the heads looked to the right. It was magnificent! It was so exciting! The energetic and enterprising spirit of the new students is shown in these square formations.

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With the shouts of "killing", the lively students of each company had already rushed to the playground in sequence. They performed the capture boxing very well - powerful moves and penetrating sounds, which let teachers and students enjoy the feast of vision and hearing. The commendation meeting started immediately. The honor of the individual and the company had been announced. We gave these students and the company warm applause. They were outstanding and worthy of praise. The personal achievements and the efforts of the company were inseparable.

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Each company was a small group in the new Senior 1 army. The students in the company were close together, and they had suffered a lot and got countless praises. "You are a group." Perhaps every instructor had explained this sentence to the students. In the military training, we had become more aware of the significance of the collective and the strength of unity. Respecting the collective, maintaining the collective and always uniting had been deeply imprinted in the hearts of every student of NFLS.

The military training of the 2020 new Senior.1 came to a happy ending. 


We are grateful for military training, to the earnest and lovely instructors, for the hard work and sweat, and for our persistence. I hope all students will remember the perseverance and strength that military training has taught us. With gratitude, we will unite to meet the new high school life.