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Dream at puberty,dream of youth:The Graduation Ceremony and Adult Ceremony of the 2020 NFLS

On July 13, the Graduation Ceremony and Adult Ceremony of the 2020 Nanjing Foreign Language School was held in the lecture hall. School leaders, parent representatives and all teachers of Senior 3 witnessed this moment together. 

In his speech with the theme of "walking with the ideal", Principal Zou Zheng expressed his heartfelt thanks to the teachers who were tireless in teaching and had salutary influence of education on the students and the parents who accompanied and supported the school's work. He also sent his deep blessing and instructions to the graduates who are about to set sail and move forward close to their dreams.


Principal Zou fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of the graduates of 2020 and encouraged them to make greater achievements in the future.

 "I don't know the true face of Lushan Mountain, but only because I am in this mountain." Principal Zou earnestly told the students that people were too close to the real world to see the truth of the world and the meaning of life. Without the mentality of eager for quick success and instant benefit, we can concentrate on learning, reflect on ourselves, keep calm in the noisy environment, and keep a clear understanding in the rapid changes. 


After graduating from NFLS, students should walk with their ideals, be cosmopolitan, closely connect the realization of self-value with the heavy fate of the country, nation and human beings; be tough reed grass, calmly deal with various difficulties and challenges, and look for opportunities and fun in the arduous trek.

Tan Yuchen’s Father, the parent representative, was one of the medical staff who went to Wuhan to fight the Coronavirus. While sharing his feelings as a parent of the NFLSer, he also shared his unforgettable experience during the Coronavirus outbreak with the teachers and students. 


He talked about the importance of choice and persistence. The unknown of the future is worrying, but it is not terrible. It is a factor that promotes our growth. As a mental health expert, he introduced to the students various methods to ease anxiety. His words revealed the father's heart for his children.


In the middle of February, he supported Wuhan at the most critical moment, personally experiencing and witnessing the fight against the Coronavirus. He donated the commemorative medal he received to NFLS, hoping that the students will remember and inherit the spirit of bravery and dedication in fighting the Coronavirus.

Wang Hanyue, the student representative, has been admitted to Harvard University. "For three years in high school, we seem to be used to putting on a school uniform and going out. We are used to the ghost animal video of banter exercises and the song" Beijing East Road ". The days of our “Beijing East Road” will always be cherished in our hearts. "The school has a diversified teaching environment, an open and inclusive teaching atmosphere, unique and lovely partners, and teachers who are dedicated to guiding and working hard. Everything was so unforgettable that she was reluctant to leave. 


During the activity, teachers and students watched a video clip recording students' learning and campus life over the past three years, and jointly recalled the unforgettable high school life.

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On the occasion of parting, the teachers also expressed their wishes. The math teacher wishes the students a better and better future like a monotonic increasing function, the physics teacher wishes the students to condense their efforts into the force, and the Chinese teacher wishes the students "A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves to cross the sea." Then there are some activities, such as presenting flowers to teachers, the puberty rite, and issuing graduation certificates. Finally, the graduation ceremony ended successfully in the singing of all the students of Senior 3.

We don’t feel the days are short when we are together, but we know we are sad to part from each other when we leave. After the graduation ceremony, teachers and students took photos in the special place which the school had prepared for us.

Three years of High School comes to the end. We dream at puberty and dream of youth. We wait for the future exhibition of youth. I wish the graduates a bright future and come back like a teenager.