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Results of NFLS "Psychological Story & Painting Competition" Announced

NFLS "Psychological Story & Painting Competition" was held this semester for students of all grades. It received the support and participation of all teachers and students in the school, and collected more than 400 works. The themes of the works mostly come from students' personal experiences in family and campus life. The students patiently observed their rich emotions, described them and shared their stories.

Drawing and language are both ways of self-expression. When drawing, people unconsciously associate it with their experiences, and then use colors, patterns and lines to describe these memories in the painting. A simple small pattern in a painting may have a symbolic meaning. They can reflect the deep emotions, motivations and expectations of the painter. Painting is a door for us to have a closer look at the students' hearts. It gives students more time and space to re-experience the bits and pieces of their recent lives and they could express their important memories in the paintings.

Many students expressed their "growing pains" in the paintings. They told about their perplexities in academic procrastination, communication with parents and interpersonal communication with classmates in the small four square caricatures. They used colors to depict the emotions they felt at that time, and different lines to clearly show their own coping methods. What touches people's heart is not only students' ingenuity in art and design, also their dissecting and sharing of what in their hearts in the paintings. Let us appreciate the excellent works of some award-winning students:

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The competition has now completed the preliminary and final evaluations. After the teacher judges carefully grading, the competition has determined 20 special prizes, 30 first prizes, 35 second prizes, and 41 third prizes. The list of winners is shown on the bulletin board at the school gate.