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Remember the history, cherish the peace, and face the future –"One lesson before traveling" activity of Nanjing Foreign Language School in 2020


On July 7-8, 2020, under the leadership of Mr. Shang Yuanyuan, Mr. Zhang Xiaosong, Mr. Han Weiping and Mr. Han Xu, 34 graduating students of Nanjing Foreign Language School attended a two-day "lesson before traveling" activity at the Memorial Hall of The Victims of the Nanjing Massacre of Japanese Invaders in China from July 7 to 8, 2020. The event was on the 83rd anniversary of the outbreak of the whole nation's Anti-Japanese War, so it had more educational significance. It was also reported on CCTV news broadcast on July 7. "A lesson before traveling" is a precious patriotic education activity for students before they go to other places and study abroad. It has become a tradition of NFLS. ”。The students say that it is of special significance to study the history of Nanjing Massacre before leaving their hometown. "We should remember the history and be the messenger of peace to spread the seeds of peace to all parts of the world."


At 8:30 a.m. on July 7, we attended the Bell Striking Ceremony and offered flowers to commemorate the victims. The bell rang in our ears, which was the memory of that period of history; the white flower offering sacrifices to our compatriots was our most sincere memory of the dead. Then Mr. Zhang Jianjun, the curator of the Memorial Hall, taught us that the younger generation should "never forget the history", "have courage in the body, be kind in the heart" and "be the seed of peace".


After that, we followed the commentators to visit the exhibition of historical facts of Nanjing Massacre.


We were lucky to meet the 92-year-old grandma AI Yiying, a survivor of the Nanjing Massacre. Her experience has brought us into that era of gunpowder. We have noticed that at the end of her speech, grandma AI Yiying repeatedly said, "the longer I live, the happier I am. Thanks to the attention, love and care from the party and the country." We think that the Chinese nation has experienced the sufferings of our compatriots being slaughtered and bloodthirsty, so we know better that peace "benefits without realizing it, and without it, it is difficult to survive." In today's China, the era of being slaughtered and bullied is gone. Today's China is moving towards a great era of prosperity and development.


After that, we listened to the story of the orychopragmus violaceus, visited three must win historical exhibitions and made the orychopragmus violaceus by ourselves. We students folded the ordinary purple square paper, step by step, into the shape of the orychopragmus viplaceus. Finishing the last stamen, everyone was excited and proud.


On July 8, we visited the exhibition hall of the former site of the Comfort Center in Liji Lane, a memorial hall with tears as the main line, with tears on the wall, tears on the ground, tears on the road, and an ingenious and shocking statue, which makes tears flowing. As soon as I entered the door, there were pictures of 32 survivors on the right hand side, with vicissitudes in their eyes.


Then we watched the documentary "32". The protagonist, Granny Wei Shaolan, told us her experience in front of the screen. Her strength was vividly reflected in her Ballad: "there is rain in the sky, the road is slippery, I fall down and I climb, I worry about myself, and I dry my tears."

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During the two days, we listened to Wang Weixing's lecture "the truth of Nanjing Massacre" and Professor Qi Chunfeng's lecture "how to face the historical tragedy". With the analysis of experts and scholars, we have a deeper understanding of the Nanjing Massacre.

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In the last part of the activity, we were divided into eight groups to summarize and report the learning experience of the two days by means of PPT and speech. Fu jingle and Xu Bo wrote a poem together:


Learning from the history and facing the future is not just a slogan, but a responsibility that can be implemented on each of us. In the future, we can give our own light and enthusiasm in the fields of diplomacy, scientific research, education and so on, and truly undertake the responsibilities and obligations of a contemporary youth. This is also the best consolation to the dead compatriots and revolutionary martyrs.

The following are excerpts of some students' feelings:

Shi Ruwen (recommended to Fudan University): The rich and colorful activities make my memory of the Nanjing Massacre not only the number of 300000 victims, but also the history of Nanjing massacre has become more vivid and meaningful to me.

Jiang Hanzhang (admitted to Cornell University): as young people, we will be the source of national development. As international students, we can say that we are an important part of international relations, and we can undertake more. In the future, if I have a chance abroad, I will try my best to convey this historical fact and the belief of China's peace.

Hui Chenyuan (recommended to Peking University): Today, all the students who came to visit were born after 2000. I think we need to review the history from time to time. Only when we face up to the history can we learn from it and face the challenges in the future.

Xu Yizhen (recommended to Peking University): I am about to enter the university gate, and I may also go abroad in the future. I will firmly remember that I am a Nanjing native, I am a Chinese, and I will never forget the past and the history is the teacher of the future. Our mission as young people is to learn from the history and face the future. We youth are strong and our country is strong. I think we young people are the main force in building the motherland.

Zhou Runqi (recommended to Beiing Foreign Language University): Peace is particularly important and precious at the critical juncture of the great changes that have not taken place in a hundred years. And our faith in peace lies in not forgetting the lessons of the past and the future, but also in remembering history and working hard.

Fu Jingle (recommended to Beiing Foreign Language University): This time, it is of great significance to have a "lesson before travelling" with the students. I was excited when the peace bell rang. This bell is the sound of warning to remind us not to forget history.

Han Jiapeng (admitted to UCLA): what we should do is not to hate or to be "keyboard man" who quarrels with people on Weibo, but to take social responsibility.

Li Fuhong (admitted to UCLA): our school motto is: "Chinese soul, world mind". I hope to practice this motto. When I went to the United States to study, I exchanged this historical truth with foreign friends.

Zhou Yuxing (admitted to the University of Southern California): in the memorial hall, I saw many real historical materials. I have taken pictures of them, I will take them and show them to foreign friends in the future.

Shuai Kaixiang (admitted to University College London): after this activity, I have strengthened my desire for peace and power as a Chinese student going abroad.

Ni Kuangjie (admitted to University College London): I will tell my friends and other foreign friends about this history when I go abroad to study in the future, so that more Chinese and foreigners can learn about this important history.