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Examination Mobilization


Let's start the morning meeting. Please stand up.

Raise the national flag, play the national anthem, salute.

Please sit down.

Hello, everyone! The annual year-end bonus of NFLS is coming again, but before you get the ultimate prize of more than one month's holiday, you have to work overtime to finish the last exam of this school year. Please relax your mood, work and rest, and review selectively in your most enjoyable way. In order to help you enjoy the final assessment, we invited Xu Gongyao from Class 4, Senior 3 and Peng Fei from Class 6, Senior 3 to introduce their experience to you.

First of all, put your hands together for Xu.


 As the final exam is coming, everyone is working hard to review. A large number of knowledge points and exercises are great pressure for all of us. "Hurry up" has become the inner voice of the students. Although the efficient review method does not have the "magical" ability of "quantum-wave-speed reading", it can lay a solid foundation in a critical moment, and it is more than enough to raise the score appropriately. It is the correct choice of daily study life.

First of all, the review should be targeted, the content of review should be aimed at the key and difficult points of the examination syllabus and more emphasis should be placed on personal mistakes and forgotten knowledge in the past. In the process of reading the wrong problem collection, it is absolutely impossible to read ten lines at a glance. In addition, the contents of other parts should not be invested too much time and energy. For different types of subjects, different review plans should be made: for subjects with high memory requirements, understanding the content is the most important thing, which should be arranged in the time of reciting words and texts on weekdays. The more logical subjects need to train the ability of reasoning and induction, which can be arranged in the usual time. If you are lazy when you need to remember and memorize when training logic, you will not only waste the time that you can spend sleeping, but also make your understanding of knowledge become superficial, which is not conducive to the longer-term learning goal. 

The process of review is often accompanied by a lot of exercise training, which is a necessary part of mastering knowledge and strengthening understanding. However, the basis of writing questions is the understanding of the knowledge system. If we don't establish a good knowledge framework and the understanding of knowledge points is not related, it is often the result of twice the effort and half the result. When reviewing, the relationship between knowledge points supporting each other is particularly important. It is also fun to find the invisible rules and structures. If isolated knowledge points are found, we can realize its significance in the whole system during exercise training, and we can also carry out some expansion to judge whether it is connected with the existing knowledge at a higher level. When doing lots of exercises, we also need to pay special attention to the transformation process from knowledge points to test points. The test method for knowledge points is simple memory test? Or at the level of abstraction? This is also the process of setting questions. Understanding the process of question setting allows us to review from a higher dimension. It seems that the examination has become a two-dimensional one, which is a very effective method.

Good work and rest time and healthy eating habits also play an important role in the review process. During this period of time, we can try our best to reduce the time of staying up late, exercise appropriately and keep a light diet. "Eat a good meal, go to bed early and get up early" seems trivial, but it can let us have good conditions on the physiological level, which can improve the efficiency of review, at the same time, it can cultivate a strong physique, which is also beneficial in other aspects of life.

Thanks for Xu Gongyao's wonderful sharing, I believe we are all excited. Now put your hands together for Peng. 


Examination is not only the examination of level, but also the examination of mentality. Even if you feel that the content of this semester is difficult and the homework is heavy, some of your classmates are as relaxed and confident as Zhu Chaoyang. Believe me, you also have the opportunity to do your best in the final exam.

Today I will talk about how to adjust the attitude towards the examination from three aspects, before, during and after the examination. First of all, the most important thing is before the exam. Confidence in the exam is not groundless. Careful and complete review before the exam is your most reliable pillar. Therefore, when we review, we should try our best to avoid regret. Just now you have heard the examination of Tsinghua students, I believe that at this time has a new understanding of review before the exam. We should also make sure we have enough rest before the exam. Don't stay up late. Especially for mathematics and other subjects that need logic, a clear mind is more important than anything.

In addition, please check the stationery required for the exam on the eve of the exam. Do not rush to pack your schoolbags in the morning. It is also easy to let the mentality explode to find that you missed the card pen in the examination room. In the examination process, we are soldiers on the battlefield. We should keep calm. Even if something unexpected happens temporarily, such as printing mistakes in papers or suddenly forgetting a certain knowledge point of examination, we should keep calm and actively seek reasonable help from invigilator for the problems in the examination room; we should take a deep breath and adjust the test strategy for our own state problems, such as doing the following questions first and trying to recall them slowly.

In the process of examination, there is another thing that must be grasped, that is, time.

It is suggested that the students in the canteen and other places should wear watches without memory recording and playing equipment. Students in the classroom should form the good habit of looking up at the clock and grasp their own answering rhythm. After the examination, if there is another exam next to it, don't rush to check the answers with your classmates. You should use the rest time to review the main test points of the next exam. Things like answers can be left after all exams are over. In a word, adequate preparation and calm response are the maxim of examination mentality. I hope everyone can get satisfactory results in the final examination, and draw a full stop to this twists and turns of the semester.

Thanks for Peng Fei's experience. At the end of everything, we have to stress the discipline of the examination room.

At the end of everything, we have to stress the discipline of the examination room. Then let me read the exam discipline for you again:

1. Candidates are not allowed to bring any information when they enter the examination room. They only need to bring the necessary stationery.

2. Candidates are not allowed to enter the examination room 30 minutes late. They can hand in their papers 30 minutes later.

3. Candidates must keep quiet in the examination room.

4. Any disciplinary act is forbidden. It is forbidden to whisper to each other, hint at each other, peek at other's papers, exchange test papers, impersonate, take away the answer papers or tear up test papers.

5. Examinees should consciously obey the management of invigilators and should not obstruct invigilator's normal invigilation work for any reason.

6. If the examinees break the rules, they shall be punished in accordance with the regulations on the punishment of students' violation of examination rules and cheating in Nanjing Foreign Language School.

In order to have a happy holiday, I hope that we students can be strict with ourselves, under the premise of abiding by the discipline of the examination room, do our best. Good luck and have ideal results! Of course, health is equally important during the pandemic. I wish you all good health and all the best. This is the end of this morning meeting. Thank you.