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Scientific Spirit of Seeking Truth and Pursuing Innovation

Jin: Hello, everyone. I'm Jin Yucheng, from Class 4, Senior 2.

Zhang: Hello, everyone. I'm Zhang Zhiwei, from Class 4, Senior 2.


Jin: Today, let's talk about the scientific spirit. First, let me say what it means. "Scientific spirit" sounds very mysterious, but in fact it can be summed up in two phrases: seeking truth and pursuing innovation. Seeking truth is to verify, which requires us to constantly test our understanding with practice; seeking truth is also to distinguish, which requires us to be good at distinguishing and dare to oppose pseudoscience. Pursing innovation is to constantly explore and climb to the top, so that science and technology can be No.1 productive forces. 

Seeking truth and pursuing innovation can be far away, such as black hole observation, researching and developing 5G, but they can also be close to us. Scientific spirit is particularly important during a pandemic. The first is to seek truth: In today's media coverage, it is undoubtedly a great challenge to screen out the complicated epidemic information with a rational eye. Some people say that drinking isatis-root medicine can prevent the virus; others say that the virus outbreak is due to the development of 5G. Each statement has a considerable mass base. Lacking of independent judgment will only lead us astray, causing unnecessary scooping-up, panic, and even injury. It should be remembered that all the reports and articles we see are just what others say in the final analysis. We should habitually ask: is this the case? Why? Make your own judgment with the attitude of seeking truth.

Then about pursuing innovation. From the rapid analysis of virus sequence to the development of detection reagents, from the screening of the remedies to the research of vaccines, there is no place but the embodiment of scientific innovation. We have made a lot of progress compared with the situation of SARS in 2003 when we were unable to identify the type of virus. It is conceivable that without strong independent R & D and innovation capabilities, we would not have been able to respond so quickly and forcefully, and more sacrifices would follow.

In a word, to be a person with scientific spirit, we should keep in mind seeking truth and pursuing innovation. Seeking truth is not only rigorous verification, but also bold questioning. Pursuing innovation means continuous progress and scientific breakthrough.

Now let's ask Zhang Zhiwei to talk about how high school students practice the scientific spirit in combination with his own exploration of chemistry.

Hello, my dear teachers and students, I'm Zhang Zhiwei from Class 4, Senior 2. I would like to talk about my own chemistry learning experience and competition experience in chemistry!

I first came into contact with chemistry when I was in the third year of junior high school. At that time, I had a strong interest in chemistry. The color of the solution changes with the shock, and the seemingly inert dust deflates, extracting precious metals from the solution. The teacher demonstrated the experiment again and again, let me feel that chemistry is not boring. Only when you are interested in a subject can you learn it well. It is possible that the short-term examination ability can be significantly improved if one is forced to face books all day, but in the long-term mastery, as time goes on, there will be a lot of knowledge forgotten. If you combine your hobbies with your daily study, your efficiency will be improved. 

With continuous in-depth study, I slowly realized that the experiment that I was most interested in before was still based on theory. In the teacher's words, chemical experiments belong to the category of mental workers. The efficiency of the experiment can be improved only after careful consideration and understanding of the experimental phenomena that should appear in the design of control, operation steps and the use of instruments. In the final analysis, whether you master the most basic knowledge skillfully is the problem. It is necessary to pay attention to the study of basic knowledge. Therefore, don't think that the extra-curricular academic research or competition can make up for your lack of knowledge in class. When we go down to further study, the blank in the school will become a stumbling block.

A swift horse is often found, but a talent scout is not. I believe that there are many students who have strong interest in science and solid knowledge in class, but whether they can seize the opportunity to pursue and realize their dreams is a difficult problem for them. However, compared with other schools, Students in NFLS still have some advantages. STEM courses have been very mature in our school, and the multi-disciplinary teaching method is very good. It not only provides students with advanced instruments for exploration, but also provides a bridge with more professional knowledge. Moreover, when students encounter difficulties or hope to make further breakthroughs in their further study of science, don't be afraid to ask teachers or like-minded students for help. I believe they will be very willing to help.

In the process of learning and experiment, failure is inevitable. Take my own experience for example, when filtering ethyl acetate as petroleum ether, successfully dissolved the precipitate; when extracting, forgot to deflate, was sprayed with dichloromethane, and so on. But practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! That is the most important.

Generally speaking, the spirit of science is not profound. If we pursue our love seriously, if we are not afraid of making mistakes, if we don’t despise any knowledge, if we learn to seize the opportunity, we will achieve good results.