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You are my heroes.

Good morning, my dear teachers and fellow students. I am Ha Ruihan from Class 2, Junior 2. The topic of my speech today is: You are my heroes.


Since April 6th, our high schools have reopened for more than one month. Recalling the COVID-19 that broke out in China in January 2020, we still feel it affects the hearts and minds of every Chinese in the world today. In this fight against the epidemic, there were such a group of people who actively asked to leave their families, put themselves in harm's way to aid Hubei in order to save the lives of patients and protect the people's safety. They wrote an anti-epidemic song with sweat and life. People call them "heroes in white," and I'm proud that my dad is one of them.

My father is a medical worker. He is always busy. He always leaves home early and returns late every day. He often works overtime on weekends. He never complains about this. He is always dynamic and full of enthusiasm. When I complained that he always forgot his promise to take me out on a trip, he always said, "Work is my responsibility, kid." I didn't understand that, and I had a "cold war" with him.

This time, facing the epidemic, my father chose to put himself in harm's way without hesitation. As a medical team member of Jiangsu's Pairing Assisting Huangshi, Hubei, he went to the front line to save the people. I was worried about his safety on the day I heard the news. I learned about the epidemic in Hubei from TV, radio and newspapers, and knew the difficulty and danger of my father's task. I had a lot to say to him, but when I saw his decision and confidence in his eyes, I swallowed my words again. He seemed to have used the mental telepathy and felt it. He touched my head and said with a smile, "Kid, this is my responsibility. Your father will surely defeat the epidemic together with other uncles and aunts and come back safely." I nodded.

Some days later, in the video chat with my father, I learned that the epidemic in Hubei was under control and many patients were out of danger. I was very happy because I knew that there was also my father's efforts and sweat for it. I told him, "people say you're a hero," but he said calmly, "kid, dad is not a hero, I've just done what a medical worker should do." But I know you are always my hero.

After hearing my father's busy fighting the epidemic, the teachers immediately set up a heroes' children's help group to regularly learn about my learning in the "boundless classroom" through We-chat, QQ and other ways, and to answer my questions in learning in a timely manner, so as not to let me fall behind in learning. At the same time, the teacher also cares about me in life and asks me about my life at home during the winter vacation. Although my father was not at home in those days, I felt very happy and warm with the teachers' care and help.

Although the teachers did not rush to the front line of anti-epidemic like the heroes in white, you stuck to your posts, continued to teach us knowledge through the Internet, and cared about our physical and mental health. You are also my heroes!

Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers who have stuck to your posts during the epidemic, "The wind turns into rain and the teacher's love is unforgettable". I believe this is also the common thought of all the students. With the care and help of the teachers, we can grow up happily and healthily!

Fellow students, although the epidemic in our country has been effectively controlled, we still can't be careless. As middle school students, we should do a good job in personal protection, pay attention to keeping hands clean, moderate exercise, reasonable diet and rest, and improving our resistance. At the same time, we should cherish today's hard-won learning opportunities and study textbook knowledge well. When the motherland needs us, we can stand up like heroes and be ready to make our contribution to the motherland at all times!! 

Finally, happy children's Day!

This is the end of today's morning meeting.