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Our Common Spring

The Morning Meeting on April 27

Hello, everyone. I'm Pan Yi from Class 8, Senior 2. The topic of my speech today is: our common spring.

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"The city of Wuhan's lockdown was lifted on April 8.” Three months of missing, three months of watching, every day and night of waiting, every time of parting, is for that moment to finally come: the spring sun leaks through the leaves, the cherry blossom floats to the front, people tearfully say: Long time no see. I can't help thinking of that sentence, "spring should be good, if you are still here." Just, I don't know if the person they are waiting for has successfully entered this spring

One epidemic, billions of lives in danger. How many smiling faces were missing in the spring 2020? I remember that national day of silence. When the whistle sounded, the land of 9.6 million square kilometers trembled slightly, and the still picture seemed to be a silent sob. For the first time, I realized clearly the fragility and powerlessness of life. During the epidemic, the last consolation we can give them is: ten o'clock, three minutes.

Three minutes, the sun has not finished half the way to the earth, and these lost lives in the hearts of countless people have finished the final farewell. I really want to cry: because of loss, because of misfortune; because of my thin soul, I may not really feel the same experience; even though the disaster is raging, China has always been well protected by those brave people, we have perseverance and tenacity, we have unparalleled scholars, we have the backbone of the people!

In the face of difficulties, there are also clowns who hide behind the screen shouting: "formalism", which makes the heroes in harm’s way feel dejected. When China and the international community actively cooperate to fight against the epidemic, people who have ulterior motives call COVID-19 "Wuhan virus" with utter indifference.

As a thinking Chinese youth, I want to say: when disaster comes, no one is an isolated individual. At present, all human beings should hold hands and heart to heart. Only we fight the good fight together can we win the battle!

We look back and think that in less than 100 days, all of a sudden, we could "lie at home and contribute to our country", but did we really enjoy it? On the contrary, our hearts were collided, crushed, torn and burned. We collected all the information about the epidemic and tried to do something. When my mother looked at the news with tears in her eyes and said to me, "if I can, I hope I can go to Wuhan and support like them." I realized that the greatness of this nation lies in that no matter what happens, we are all tightly held together, regardless of you and me as one.

Yes, Year 2020, we love you, “We” includes all Chinese.

Let's think again. Are we moved by donations from other countries, enterprises and individuals, just because of materials? No, it's more than that. We are moved by the truth in times of adversity and the embrace in t imes of pain. After China's epidemic gradually came under control, we also helped others and shared the destiny with the world. Therefore, one good turn deserves another (You throw a peach to me, and I give you a white jade), the natural principle.

Yes, Year 2020, we love you, and “We” includes all human beings.

Today, the special period makes us reexamine ourselves, others, China and the world. Today, more than ever before, we can feel a heavy responsibility, which not only describes the fate of individuals and China, but also the common destiny of mankind. Today, we wake up to the fact that “We” turned out to include everyone in the world. We are the world.

Personally, the more clear this responsibility is in my heart, the more deeply I realize that the value of a young man's life lies in recognizing the essence of reality, bravely touching the wounded parts of the world, and trying to find a good prescription with his young energy.

Wuhan's spring finally arrived as scheduled, but the world's spring has not come yet. In the future, who can guarantee that there will not be another cold winter?

Only when we take the nation as our duty, the country as our duty, the world as our duty, and the rise and fall of mankind as our duty, can we truly enter our common spring.

This is the end of today's morning meeting. Thank you.