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Salute Doctors and Nurses (Angels in White):

Summary of the 18th Love Month of Nanjing Foreign Language School

Hello, teachers and students. I'm Hong Fan, a volunteer member of the Youth League Committee of the School. Today's morning meeting is hosted by me. Please stand up, raise the national flag, sing the national anthem, salute... Please sit down.

At the beginning of March, the 18th love month of our school came together with the vigorous spring. The theme of this love month is "Salute the angels in white". Through cooperation between teachers and students, we expressed our sincere respect and gratitude to the angels in white through various forms, and made thanksgiving cards for the most beautiful heroes in harm’s way. Wang Xiyao, pan Jinhao and Li Yule adapted and sang the song "the brightest star in the night sky" to express their high respect for the medical staff. Now let's enjoy the MV of this work - "Salute the angel in white".

In this special period, the doctors and nurses (angels in white), like stars in the night sky, give us light and hope, and firm our determination to win the war.

Another important activity of love month this year is the exchange of old things online. All classes actively carry out activities with full creativity. Everyone gave generously, and at the same time, they also gave their love for fighting the epidemic. We raised a total of more than 40000 yuan in the charity, and the money will be donated to the Nanjing Charity Federation to fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

At present, the epidemic is spreading all over the world, and poses great threat to the safety and health of people all over the world. Only when all countries in the world unite, can we cope with the challenge of the epidemic. As General Secretary Xi said, "human beings are a community of shared destiny. Unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons to overcome the epidemic that is related to the safety and security of all peoples. ". I believe that the coronavirus will not only be defeated by human beings, but will also promote the historical process of building a community of human destiny and tomorrow is better for human development.

The extended winter vacation in 2020 makes us realize that the so-called time is quiet, but someone is carrying the weight for you! The warm sun of spring has spread all over the earth, and the cold silence of winter will disappear. On behalf of myself, I would like to express my highest respect to all the people who have worked hard to fight against the coronavirus. They have created miracles one after another with their professionalism and bravery. I also want to thank all the students who have taken part in the love month activity seriously. Every drop of your strength has turned into waves and flowed into the torrent of the prosperous world. Let's act together to make contribution to the fight against the epidemic. Let's move forward side by side, help each other and overcome the difficulties together! Come on, China will win!

This is the end of the morning meeting. Thank you.