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Opinions on the work of the young pioneers of Nanjing Foreign Language School during the winter vacation in 2020

In order to fully implement Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the spirit of the 17th Congress of Young Pioneers in Nanjing, to guide young pioneers to take part in practical activities, deepen their knowledge and recognition of China's excellent traditional culture, cultivate and practice the core values of socialism, help members to spend meaningful holidays happily, and do a good job in 2020 winter vacation, notice of practical activities is as follows.

一、 Carry out the essay writing and collecting activity themed our festival

The Spring Festival and Lantern Festival during the winter vacation are traditional Chinese festivals. As young pioneers in the new era, we should take the initiative to understand the national customs of the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture in the taste of folk customs; learn the traditional moral concepts of Thanksgiving, respect for the old, love for the young, and uphold morality and goodness in the process of keeping the Spring Festival; And in the traditional activities of making dumplings, writing (pasting) spring couplets, sending blessings, making glutinous rice balls, appreciating lanterns and guessing lantern riddles, feel the happy atmosphere of family reunion, peace and harmony, go into the community, go into the poor families, invite the children in trouble to celebrate the festival, cultivate the good quality of friendship and help others, consciously inherit the excellent traditional culture of China.

Please write a 600 word article with the theme of "our festival", with pictures and texts, reflecting your experience, perception and harvest during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.

二、 Carry out the activity themed "Small Hands Pull Big Hands" and Strive to be Citizen of "Innovative Famous City, Beautiful Ancient Capital"

Nanjing's future urban development vision is "Innovative Famous City, Beautiful Ancient Capital". In winter vacation, young pioneers are invited to participate in either Item 1 or Item 2:

1. Enter the community in the form of the Young Eagle Holiday Team, and publicize the knowledge and ideas of green energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon life, garbage sorting and recycling into the community by means of speeches and posters.

2. Work with parents to make household sorting bins, and classify them according to the standards of recyclable materials, hazardous wastes, kitchen waste and other wastes, reflecting that young pioneers bring the knowledge and concept of green energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon life and garbage recycling into the family, prepare for the implementation of garbage classification in the next semester, and submit an activity report of 600 words or so with pictures and texts

Let's "small hands pull big hands" , jointly participate in the construction of ecological civilization and build a "beautiful ancient capital" with blue sky, green land and clear water.

三、Activity requirements

1.The Young Eagle Holiday Team is suggested to be composed of 5-13 members, no more than 13. The counselors of each team guide the Young Eagle Holiday Team to make a good plan for winter vacation activities, and encourage young pioneers to actively participate in winter vacation practical activities in the form of teams. At least one of the two thematic activities shall be carried out.

2.Submission of results

 (1) Young Eagle Team: report the results of the activity through the "Young Pioneers of Wisdom" APP, and upload the information (team name, team flag, team song, introduction of the counselor and team members, activity plan, search process, team member's activity feeling, activity summary), search photos, videos and other contents of Young Eagle Team and upload them to the APP from February 1 to February 29, and the text can be uploaded directly; please upload the photos in JPEG format, No more than 6 videos, no more than 3 minutes, no more than 100MB in size, and submit the activity report to the class leader.

(2)Class: Please collect the materials and make a summary of the students, the form of the activity, the significance of the activity, the harvest of the activity, etc. together with the report of Young Eagle Team (one team only needs to submit one report) and the individual activity report, and send them to the email address of before February 10.

When the class submits, please separate the two activities, and then compress them into a compressed file package named after the class and upload it to the attachment of the email. The file naming format of the Young Eagle Team is: grade + class + team name, and the personal report is named class + name.

3. The download link of "Young Pioneers of Wisdom" app is shown below, and the operation guide is shown in the attachment: