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Keeping history in mind and maintaining peace

"Carry on the past and open up the future, never forget"! With the great recitation suddenly stopped, I firmly pushed out my hand on the pestle and hit the Peace Bell.

On December 13, this day was destined to be filled with sadness, because the evil Japanese militarist terrorists at that time carried out wild and savage killing in Nanjing; this day was destined to be affected by sadness and anger, because at that time, 300000 unarmed innocent people fell into a pool of blood one by one; this day was destined to be haunted by memorial ceremony, because peace-loving people all over the world knew the hardships and sufferings ... Dong! Dong! Dong! The solemn sound of the bell fainted beside the ear, but it was as if it had soaked the blood of this land in the same year, which was still vivid.

When the bell gradually subsided, I turned around and saw, there was a solemn crowd, students who had read the declaration of peace solemnly and seriously, and liberation officers and soldiers who were tall and upright and dignified. The shocking scene made me realize the pride and self-confidence of Chinese people.

After suffering over and over again, the Chinese nation's predecessors have not given up. With their flesh and blood and indomitable spirit, they have stood up firmly again and again and stand proudly in the forest of the world. This is enough to make every Chinese proud. At the same time of national self-confidence, we should also bear in mind the efforts of our predecessors. If they did not shed their blood, where would peace come from? Without them, how can we live and study safely?

To remember history is not to remember hatred, but to reflect on history and maintain peace.

As a student of Nanjing Foreign Language School, we should aim to be a modern man with Chinese soul and world mind. In such a youth, we should contribute to the motherland and peace as much as we can! No matter where we are, when we are successful in our future studies and become a confident and powerful Chinese, it will be a time for our generation to shine brilliantly and for us to maintain peace

Zhang Chi, President of the School Students' Union