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Our school has been awarded many honors in the social practice of "serving the country people in three aspects" in the summer vacation of 2019 in Jiangsu Province

Recently, good news came from the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League. The volunteer service team of Meiyuan New Village Memorial Hall of the Youth Association of our school was awarded the title of "excellent team" for the social practice of “serving the country people in three aspects” of college students’ and technical secondary school students' volunteer summer culture, science and technology and health, and Du Pengfei, from Junior 1 was awarded the title of "advanced individual”.

At the special historical node of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China and the 100th Anniversary of the May 4th Movement, volunteers entered the Memorial Hall of Meiyuan New Village, deeply studied the history of the Party and the noble character of the Communists, received red education, put into practice, spread and inherited the red gene.



   The volunteer explanation service team of Meiyuan New Village Memorial Hall of the Youth Association is a volunteer service team with high quality, strong abilities and enthusiasm, which is recruited by the school youth association and has undergone a series of strict training and assessment. Throughout the summer, the team members, dressed in red vest, patiently led groups of tourists to visit the memorial hall according to the schedule, and explained the history behind each cultural relic and photo in detail, let more tourists understand the struggle of the Communists and realize that there is no new China without the Communist Party. For volunteers, the whole activity process is also a spiritual baptism, which makes them more determined to serve the country.

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Bai Pengfei made use of the statistical analysis method he had mastered in summer to investigate the current situation of badminton in Nanjing. He designed the questionnaire independently, accompanied by his parents to the fitness center, distributed the questionnaire, and visited some sports fans and the heads of venues and sports departments. The survey randomly selected 150 Nanjing citizens, a total of 150 questionnaires were distributed, 147 questionnaires were collected, 132 valid questionnaires. Through the investigation, it is found that there are some problems in the development of badminton in Nanjing, such as low popularity, insufficient publicity, limited venues and equipment, lack of human-oriented services, and the lack of public awareness of the fitness function of badminton. It is proposed to strengthen the construction of badminton venues, hold all kinds of badminton events, reduce the charging standards of badminton venues, and set up badminton interest classes in schools.




He said that in the future, he would participate more in social practice within his abilities, apply the knowledge learned from books to practice, and constantly improve his ability and quality.