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Museum Course Walks into the Classroom


On December 26, 2019, the Nanjing Museum exhibition and display curator, Mr. Tian Kun, came to our school and gave a unique lecture to the 11th graders.


In the first part of the lecture, Mr. Tian Kun introduced the history of several venues of the Nanjing Museum. Mr. Tian especially introduced the Internet-famous venue - the Republic of China Hall. In this hall, students can travel back to the Republic of China, wearing Qipao, writing letters and sticking stamps on the envelopes, drinking tea and listening to operas - lots of activities. Through Mr. Tian's graphic introduction, everyone got to feel the comprehensive art atmosphere of the museum.

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Students are very curious and interested about how to plan a large-scale exhibition as a curator of the Nanjing Museum.  In the second part of the lecture, Mr. Tian asked the students a question: "How can we attract people with more advanced exhibition ideas when the museums are becoming an important recreational cultural activity?"  Mr. Tian took the "King Brothers -- from Mancheng Han tomb to Dayunshan Han tomb" on display as an example. He explained the process of the exhibition in detail from the hand-drawn draft to the design concept. Through his exhibition, we can feel the width and breadth of the cultural background of the museum.


At the end, Mr. Tian addressed to the students, hoping them to visit museum more often and enjoy the greatness of the art.

This "museum into the classroom" activity has further strengthened the cultural exchange between Nanjing Museum and the NFLS and also allowed the school to implement its innovative art teaching model.