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Infiltrating the mind, reciting and learning, actively practicing -- "reciting and learning; the class meeting on the theme of the education of Chinese excellent traditional culture"

In order to further carry out the education of Chinese excellent traditional culture, deepen the recognition of teachers and students on Chinese excellent traditional culture, carry forward the national spirit, and show the far-reaching power of cultural self-confidence, on December 9, our school launched "the class meeting on the theme of the education of Chinese excellent traditional culture " directly under the school moral education research series exchange activities. Four teachers, including Dai Xia, Bian Xinwen, Li Wei and Mi Guanya, conducted lively and interesting class meetings on the theme of Education of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

Mr. Bian Xinwen from Class 7, Junior 2 started with "reciting poetry and inheriting classics" through five links. Chinese poetry has boundless charm. Poems like pearls and jade make us intoxicated and inspire us. This is the treasure of our traditional Chinese culture, which should be handed down from generation to generation. Of course, thanks to the great era we are in, we have the wisdom and courage to face the future, and we can boldly create the glory belonging to the new era.

Dai Xia, a teacher in Class 9, Junior1 introduced "There is a kind of inheritance called practice" by taking advantage of the phenomena related to Chinese traditional culture in her life. Through this theme class meeting, the students have more thoughts on the spirit of Chinese traditional culture and can embody the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture in their daily life.

Li Wei, a teacher from Class 6, Senior 1, introduced "reciting poetry and inheriting classics" with the chorus of "my motherland and I". He aroused students' interest to form the habit of reading classic books, guided students to understand the value of excellent traditional culture, improved their humanistic quality and perfected themselves.

Mi Guanya, a teacher from Class 2, senior 2, used a video from the Forbidden City to introduce "Extremely Wise and the Golden Mean - Chinese Wisdom", and led the students to read classics, understand the golden mean and the application of the golden mean. Finally, let the students understand the golden mean in their study and discussion, let them reflect actively, guide their study and life with the gold mean, and then guide their life.

Finally, Dr. Li Yajuan, an expert from the Municipal Institute of Education and Science, commented on the activity. Chinese culture accumulates the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation and is our deepest cultural soft power. It is hoped that in the future, no matter in China or abroad, excellent traditional culture will give every student the most basic, profound and lasting spiritual nourishment.

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