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Excellent! The student from Nanjing Foreign Language School won the International Award in the Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People, with China’s only award-winning Film

Recently, Lu Yanbing, a student from Class 4 Junior 2 of our school, participated in the production of the micro film "Little Swallow Coming Home" and won "The best feature film" award of the Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People in Greece. That was the only Chinese film in the award-winning works of the festival.

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The festival has received more than 2000 entries from the children and young people from 48 countries in the world, 241 of which have been shortlisted, and 9 of which have won different awards.

As one of the main creators, Lu Yanbing was specially invited by the organizing committee to introduce works and exchange creative experience with young students from all over the world as excellent film representatives during the film festival exhibition. At the award ceremony of the closing ceremony of the film festival, she took the stage on behalf of the creative team to receive the award and delivered the award-winning speech, which fully demonstrated the style of the students from Nanjing Foreign Language School.


Lu Yanbing shared with us her experience of attending the film festival and Award Ceremony. Let's have a look.

In August, I went to a film workshop in a summer camp and made a microfilm named “Little Swallow Coming Home” with five small partners.


A month ago, when I learned that the film was shortlisted for Camera Zizanio at the Olympic International Film Festival in Greece, when I knew I could go to Greece, my excitement were indescribable, and even I was Greece in my dream.


Mr. Dimitris Spyrou, Sponsor and President of the 22nd Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People in Greece

The festival didn't disappoint me, and it was even better than I had expected. There were warm and generous native Greeks, warm and cuddly Austrians, whistling Dutch and Egyptians, and the British, the Americans, the Italians, the Croats, the Latvian people... When the teenagers from all over the world come together to communicate in the same language under the gorgeous light, the wonderful meeting across time and space, across the earth boundary, gives me a unique feeling.

From 10:30 a.m. every day, we watched movies in Camera Zizanio in the conference center. There were more than 240 short films made by teenagers from different cultures and backgrounds. Each one we watched was a communication with a soul and a new learning.


When it came time for our movie, "Little Swallow Coming Home," I was a little nervous. There were no empty seats in the theater. Everyone seemed to be watching me and whispering. At the beginning of the film, the melodious female voice of "little swallow" rang with music, attracting everyone's attention. The audience was silent and attentive. At the end of the film, there was endless applause and whistles of affirmation from the back row. At half-time, from time to time, there were one or two strange but friendly faces to show me their love and praise for the film. After the half-time break, the organizing committee specially arranged me to introduce my work creation experience. I felt extremely proud.


In the afternoon, it was the time for the mythos project. All the participants, hundreds of members in the film festival were divided into 15 groups, led by the instructor, taking "freedom", "sun" and "sea" as key words to shoot a short film. The time spent with the team members for a few days was the best opportunity for everyone to understand each other and the time for cultural exchange and ideological collision.


In order to challenge myself, I bravely chose the role of actor in the shooting of this short film. For my choice, the other partners in the group gave active support, and we made a deep friendship in the shooting. I left my contact information with the Austrian and Greek in my group, and became close friends with Heidija, a girl from Latvia.

From six o'clock every night, there were films (animations, short films, feature films) made by professional directors at Apollo Theater. I also benefited a lot from the works of these great masters.


The festival lasted for eight days, and the most anticipated one was the final award ceremony. Although our works were widely praised during the exhibition, I could hardly believe my ears, our film "little swallow coming home" was unanimously praised by the judges and the audience, and stood out from many of the works in the competition, winning the best feature film award of the international group from 13 to 16 years old!

At the moment when the award ceremony announced the results, I listened quietly and breathlessly, expecting and nervous, and even my palms were full of sweat. The award ceremony was held in Greek. When simultaneous interpretation of the English "Little Swallow Coming Home" - China "came from the earphone, I didn't react at the first time. The sudden spotlight and the warm applause around me made me a little dizzy and unbelievable. What happened was true.


Like this, on behalf of all the members of the creative team, I walked up to the podium and took over the certificates and medals. For the first time in my life, I stood in the spotlight and made a speech on the award in the spotlight, "As the only award-winning Chinese film, thank the judges for giving this award to us, thank our instructors, thank the working partners, and we will continue to work hard and come back with our new works! "

I'd like to say that it was just one week, but it was worth it! For me, this was a small pause in campus life. The time that the movie "stole" for me was extremely precious. I hope I have the chance to make more movies and participate in this kind of meaningful event again!

Finally, I would like to thank the school teachers for their encouragement and support, thank the judges of Olympia film festival for their affirmation of our works, thank the Organizing Committee of the film festival for their careful organization, and thank the friends who filmed together in the August sun. This is an honor for all of us.