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Seeking the Roots of Chinese Classics and Jointly Showcasing the Charm of Nine Regions --- The Opening Ceremony of the 34th Art Festival


Gao Yutong: Good Morning, teachers and students. I am Gao Yutong, Minister of Literature and Art.

Chen Di'an: I'm Chen Di'an, Minister of Literature and Art.

Gao Yutong: Chinese civilization has a long history and Chinese culture is extensive and profound. Chen Di'an: We explore the national spirit from the history and inherit the national culture.

Gao Yutong: Today is the opening of the 34th Art Festivals of our school. First of all, let's welcome Secretary LV Yan to give an opening speech. Welcome!


Dear teachers and students, good morning.

Today is the opening ceremony of the 34th Art Festival of our school!

In the past two weeks, as the festival activities have been launched and the performances are being rehearsed, we can feel the students' boundless creativity and enthusiasm.

It is said that in ancient times, King Yu tamed the flood and made China Nine Regions. After more than 4000 years of accumulation, evolution and integration, it has created the unique and brilliant Culture of Nine Regions. "Nine Regions" is a rich culture heritage and shining business card shared by our Chinese people. We face the world with a broad mind. We are rich and colorful because of inclusiveness. We are energetic because of innovation, and our culture is widely spread because of distinctive features.

The theme of the Festival is "the charm of Nine Regions". You and I can embrace the history and art in our daily life. Through music, dance, animation and literary creation, we can spread the beauty of Nine Regions, pass on the culture of Nine Regions, and let the art of Nine Regions bloom with its modern charm! What you will enjoy later is the unique way in which our students make the ancient music bloom with the spirit of the new era.

May we experience Chinese culture and beauty in this festival, seek the roots of Chinese classics, and jointly showcase the Charm of Nine Regions! I wish the 34th Art Festival a complete success!

Chen Di'an: Thank you, Secretary Lv, for your wonderful speech. “The Charm of Nine Regions” is the Chinese culture under the influence of Chinese civilization.

Gao Yutong: Patriotism and love for the people are Chinese culture. Self-cultivation and regulating the family, country and the world are Chinese culture. Benevolence and love for the people are Chinese culture. Self-control and returning to propriety are Chinese culture.

Chen Di'an: The students of the Nanjing Foreign Language School have a world mind, and a Chinese soul, which comes from the culture, the history, and the ancient Chinese civilization.

Gao Yutong: Now let's invite Wu Yifan from Class 6, Senior 1, to talk about the charm of Nine Regions that he understands based on his own experience. Welcome.

Hello, Dear students and teachers, I'm Wu Yifan from Class 6, Senior 1. Today, on behalf of our class, I stand here with great honor to share some of our experiences and insights in this year's Art Festival.

The theme of this year's festival is "The charm of Nine Regions------ Loving the traditional culture of the motherland". The charm of Nine Regions is fully embodied in the fine traditional culture of our motherland, and is expressed vividly in all kinds of artistic forms in our brilliant times. We have never lacked such art in our life. From the ancient poetry "Three-Character Classic" and "Pipa Lines", to the recent red songs and movies with the theme of "patriotism", these arts that inherit the tradition and bring forth new ideas have become a new fashion. Whether it is "A Big River with Wide Waves" or "My motherland and I can't be separated for a moment", it is the emotional crystallization of a generation. These melodies and lyrics have been deeply engraved in our minds and quietly integrated into our lives.

And at this time of year, our class was chosen to participate in the Nanjing Chorus Competition. We have rehearsed for this for nearly two months. Although there is pressure, we are more delighted to have the opportunity to participate in the cause of cultural communication. From the various voices, singing and singing, to the uniform and hierarchical voice at the end, such persistence and progress are not only the summary of these two months, but also our loyal pursuit of the excellent traditional culture of the motherland. All our deep feelings, for classmates and teachers, for schools, for the motherland, are blooming in the two songs of "I and my motherland" and "Missing". Such a strong voice and persistent spirit has already represented Class 6, a team, Nanjing Foreign Language School and "the Charm of Nine Regions"!

In the process of singing, we also feel the charm of the motherland culture more deeply. "My country and I" is a song that, even after thousands of performances, can still shine in every performance. This is not only because of its smooth and simple lyrics, lively and affectionate music style, but also because of its spirit - the pride and happiness of the contemporary people in China, which can never be sung out. There are always such feelings in our life. They support us to move forward and encourage us to make continuous efforts to become pillars. We are grateful to have such a chance and hope to pass on the torch of the Chinese soul all the time, because as the song says: "my dearest motherland, I will always be close to your heart." My speech is over, thank you! 

Chen Di’an: Thank you, Mr. Wu Yifan. Chinese culture needs continuing with the past and opening up the future, spreading and inheriting. I hope that the students can learn, interrogate, think carefully, distinguish and practice it.

Gao Yutong: Culture needs inheriting, more importantly, it needs exchanging. It needs bringing in and taking out.

Chen Di’an: Yes, starting in 2013, President Xi's Belt and Road initiative also includes cultural integration and exchanges.

Gao Yu Tong: The Belt and Road, do you know what they mean?

Chen Dean: It's not hard for me. The Belt refers to the Silk Road Economic Belt. The Road is the 21st century Maritime Silk Road.

Gao Yutong: That's right. The Silk Road is a trade route as well as a road of culture, where civilizations mingle, is decorated with gemstones like Loulan Kingdom, Kucha, Anxi and Lop. The most shining one is Dunhuang.

Chen Di'an: Yes. The most beautiful memory is Dunhuang. The most beautiful is flying Apsaras. Please enjoy the program, Meet Flying Apsaras, which is brought by Traditional Chinese Music Club and Acappella Club.

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