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Love and Care, First Aid Anywhere —— Students from our school achieved good results in 2019 Nanjing Primary and Secondary School Students First Aid Skills Competition

The establishment and popularization of first aid awareness is of profound significance. In the 4-minute golden rescue time, one more on-site rescuer will give the patient one more chance of rebirth. From December 6 to 7, Nanjing Primary and Secondary School Students' First Aid Skills Competition sponsored by the Education Bureau of Nanjing was held in Nanjing Higher Vocational and Technical School of Health. The theme of the competition was Love and Care, First Aid Anywhere. It includes the competition of theory and skill operation.

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Zhou Shuyan, Gu Zichen and Sun Feiyang, the students from Senior I of our school, formed a team and participated in the High School Student Group Competition under the guidance of Gu Le, the teacher from our school clinic. In the two weeks before the competition, the students made use of the break time between classes and after class, recited and understood the theoretical knowledge, strengthened the operation practice of basic first aid skills such as hemostasis bandaging and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on the basis of military training and mastered the operation of the norms and procedures under the hard practice for several days. During the one-and-a-half-day intensive competition from December 6 to 7, the three students successfully completed the theoretical knowledge assessment and first aid skills operation competition (CPR and bandaging), played an excellent role and won the second prize of Student Group. Sun Feiyang, from Class 3, Senior 1, won the first prize. Gu Zichen, from Class 1, won the second prize, and Zhou Shuyan, from class 1, won the third prize.

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Mastering basic first aid knowledge and skills is a new requirement for students in recent years. Our school actively responds to the requirement of the higher education department. As a pilot school, we have added the training of first aid skills in the military training of high school in recent five years, and also add the teaching of basic first aid knowledge in the health education course in Junior 1. Five faculty and staff members of our school, including the school doctor and physical education teachers, have obtained the certificates of First Aider from the Red Cross Society of China; two physical education teachers have obtained the certificates of Primary First Aider; 20 faculty and staff members, including foreign teachers from the International Department, have obtained the certificates of American Heart Association (AHA) CPR + AED. The popularization of first aid skills has also been added to the training of young teachers' salons and school volunteer firefighters. It is believed that the promotion of such competitions will be conducive to the popularization of basic first aid knowledge and skills, so that everyone can save each other and ensure more personal safety.


Student's comments:

Through this competition, I have mastered the basic first aid knowledge and skills. Although I don't know which one will come first, the accident or tomorrow, but now I can use the right way to deal with the accident, or even stop it, which is my biggest harvest. In the process of training and learning, I have deeply realized how important it is for a life to be objective and calm in the face of emergencies and skilled first aid skills. As well as saving lives in the golden rescue minute, it’s also important to take care of the patient, which requires the rescuers to complete every step with extreme care and proficiency. Perhaps four golden minutes is enough to change the fate of a person and even a family, which is my initial belief in learning first aid, and also my motivation to move forward.

——Sun Feiyang, from Class 3, Senior 1

After two weeks of hard training, in this just past weekend, we took part in the long-awaited first aid competition, and achieved the same results as the first competition three years ago.

Looking back at the past period, we have paid a lot and gained a lot. From the ignorance of professional knowledge at the beginning to nearly damage Annie, to the skilled operation near the professional speed later, it is not only due to our frequent practice, but also due to the guidance, attention and care of our teachers and school leaders. After that, we will study harder and use the knowledge that we learned in the competition in our life, to help others and let love pass on.

——Gu Zichen, from Class 1, Senior 1

The day when I knew that I would take the first aid competition, it seemed that the dream that had been buried in my heart for a long time had come true. In Junior 3, I was kidding my friend and laughing with her to do CPR. I didn't expect to have such an opportunity to put my hobbies since I was a child into practice.

Everything went on smoothly, reciting theoretical knowledge on the way to school, laughing in the clinic after school, being patient in bandaging and CPR. A few weeks passed, and the surprises and frustrations of the game were like a dream. But one day in the future, I may reach out a helping hand to someone I don't know. Maybe I will smile and point out the wrong first aid knowledge when I see a movie or play. Maybe I will save the lives of the people around me because of this experience. Maybe it can't change anything. It's unknown. But in this competition, what I gain is not only the first aid skills and knowledge, but also moving love and friendship.

——Zhou Shuyan, from Class 1, Senior 1