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Health of teachers and students, health of China -- World AIDS Day, you and I are in action

December 1, 2019 is the 32nd World AIDS Day. Nanjing Foreign Language School Student Office, Medical Center and Clubs’ Alliance launched a series of activities around the World AIDS Day, aiming to improve students' Awareness of AIDS prevention and control and other related knowledge, so that students can know AIDS prevention and control, protect themselves and spread AIDS prevention knowledge to more people at the same time.


1、Actively create a publicity atmosphere for AIDS prevention

Use the school electronic screen to broadcast health education videos, set up publicity boards at the school gate and hall to publicize the theme of the World AIDS Day.


2、Unite with the students’ clubs and mobilize the teachers and students to participate actively

On Monday morning, December 2, more than a dozen students from the student clubs, the Clown Doctor's Club, the Emergency Health Club and the school's medical staff arrived at the school early in the morning to hand out AIDS prevention brochures to students and teachers entering the campus. At the same time, teachers and students were invited to sign on the wall to show their support for activities of AIDS Prevention and Control.

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3、The clubs enter the class meeting, the teacher and the student study together

In the class meeting on Monday, the members of the clubs who participated in the morning publicity activities entered the class to spread knowledge about the harm of AIDS, the way of transmission and testing, and to tell everyone the importance of testing for AIDS among high-risk groups and the location of HIV testing. Through a brief publicity, students had mastered the relevant knowledge of AIDS prevention and control, and achieved the expected results.

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Students' comments

Through this campaign, we strive to let the students understand AIDS, AIDS prevention, harm, transmission channels and so on to establish a correct understanding. In this activity, our members have been trained. We not only pay more attention to the knowledge of AIDS prevention, but also work together with other students to publicize. Although the weather is cold, our hearts are warm when we think of the profound social significance of the activity. In the class meeting, the students are listening to our propaganda, reading the manual, to understand the knowledge, I feel this activity is really significant.

Zhang Gangquan, from Class 3, Senior 2, First Aid Health Club

Let's learn something about AIDS

What is AIDS?

The medical full name of AIDS is "acquired immune deficiency syndrome", which is called aids for short. It is a class B infectious disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system. It takes the most important CD4 T lymphocyte in the human immune system as the main target of attack. It destroys the cell in a large amount and makes the human body lose its immune function. Therefore, the human body is easy to infect various diseases, and may develop malignant tumors, with a high mortality.

Ways of HIV transmission

Sexual contact: Unprotected sexual or oral sex with an infected person.

Blood and blood products: Import contaminated blood, blood products or transplant contaminated tissue. Share contaminated syringes, surgical instruments, tattoo instruments and other sharp instruments.

Mother to child transmission: Transmission of the virus from infected mothers to infants during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.

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How to prevent AIDS?


Where can I go for help if I suspect I have AIDS?

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