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Constitutional Publicity, Respecting and Learning the Law, Improving the Legal Quotient------ Activities of Law Club in the Constitutional Publicity Week

In order to further study and publicize the constitution, carry forward the spirit of the constitution, and maintain the authority of the constitution, the Law Club has carried out a series of activities in the "constitution Publicity Week". It mainly includes lectures on legal knowledge, the publicity board exhibit, the activity of signature on the banner, etc.

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A Lecture on Legal Knowledge

On December 3, 2019, at noon, in Class 1, Senior 1, the speaker, Wang Tianyi introduced the revision process, main contents and profound significance of China's constitution, as well as how to respect, study, abide by and maintain the constitution; in addition, combined with the activities of our school to establish Jiangsu Green School, Wang Tianyi introduced the legislative purpose and main contents of China's environmental protection law and the main problems at present. In the course of the lecture, the speaker interacted with the students through questions and answers, and the atmosphere was active.


The Publicity Board Exhibit

Publicity content:

1. Constitution publicity - December 4 is national constitution day. To carry forward the spirit of the Constitution and build a country ruled by law;

2. Publicity of environmental protection law - building green campus and enhancing environmental awareness.

The activities focused on the two themes of China's constitution and environmental protection law, with rich contents, various forms, exquisite production, distinct themes and strong visual impact.


The Activity of Signature on the Banner

On December 4, the law club hung a banner at the patio at the gate of the library, which included: respecting the constitution, studying the constitution, abiding by the constitution, and maintaining the constitution; at the event site, two presidents Wang Tianyi and Li Yuhan actively carried out publicity, invited students to solemnly sign their names, which was greatly supported by the students. The activity of signature on the banner was highly participated and signed enthusiastically. The impact and effect of the day were good.

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Through various ways and rich contents, the activities of the law club made students have a deeper understanding of the main contents of China's constitution and environmental protection law, improved their legal awareness, enhanced their awareness of environmental protection, and promoted their consciousness and initiative in respecting, learning and using the law.

The success of this activity is due to the joint efforts and cooperation of the members of the club. Through the activities, not only achieved publicity effect, but also exercised the working ability and cohesion of the club, and accumulated experience for the follow-up activities.