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It's everyone's responsibility to protect the environment, and the students from Nanjing Foreign Languages School are taking action--A report on the visit to Nanjing Ecological Civilization Education Museum of Nanjing Ancient City Wall Culture Club

In order to support the activity of creating a Green School of Nanjing Foreign Language School, on the morning of November 24, 2019, the Ancient City Wall Culture Club organized students to visit the environmental education base - Nanjing Ecological Civilization Education Museum. It was hoped that through this activity, students' knowledge of environmental protection would be increased and publicized, the awareness of environmental protection would be strengthened, a good atmosphere for everyone to care for and protect the campus environment would be created in the school, which would add luster to the creation of green school!


Nanjing Ecological Environment Protection Publicity and Education Center attached great importance to this activity and specially sent Mr. Wang Shengyu to explain it to the students.




Mr. Wang took us to visit the exhibition hall of Ecological Science Popularization, Ecological Construction, Ecological Nanjing and Low-carbon Life one by one, and introduced to us how noise, garbage, radiation and other environmental problems are produced and solved. The students studied hard, and Wang's explanation was lively and interesting, and the students listened attentively. The exhibition hall not only had pictures for popular science, but also used multimedia technology such as sound, photoelectric, etc. and modern exhibition means to show us the importance of environmental protection and gave students a vivid ecological environmental protection education class.

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After the visit, Mr. Wang took the students to interact with each other in the small classroom of the exhibition hall to further understand the importance of ecological protection and waste classification. The students actively spoke and participated in the interaction, saying that they should bring the learned knowledge to other students, and let the students who did not participate in the activity would take part in the activity of ecological civilization and environmental protection, so as to make our environment better!

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In addition to visiting the Nanjing Ecological Civilization Education Museum, the environmental education base, the students also went to Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial Hall to pay homage to the Revolutionary Martyrs and receive red education. Through this activity, young students learned to devote themselves to the construction of ecological civilization and contribute their own strength to the sustainable development of the society.