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Self-reliance and Hard Struggle------Reflections on the report on the Construction Process and Achievements of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge

On Monday afternoon, I had the honor to listen to the report on the Construction Process and Achievements of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, which was made by a staff member of Nanjing Municipal Archives. Through this wonderful report, I had a deeper and comprehensive understanding of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge.

The first impression of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is nothing more than "the first double-layer railway and highway bridge designed and built by China itself on the Yangtze River, which is of great significance in the history of China's bridges and the history of the world's bridges". This kind of praise can be seen through random search. Living in Nanjing, I had never had a good understanding of the history of the bridge. The nickname "Zhengqi (Striving for glory) Bridge" was heard for the first time in the lecture, so it also had a deep memory of the difficulties encountered in the construction of the Yangtze River Bridge. The current in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River was fast and deep. As the country was not very rich and strong, international relations were tense, and foreign experts claimed that "Nanjing is impossible to build the Yangtze River Bridge". Under great pressure, China had decided to take the road of "self-reliance", step by step, from the site selection, design of the bridgehead and the approach bridge, geological research, art and other aspects. This rugged road also had a rugged beginning, so and so, step by step, careful consideration, step by step, bold exploration. Design and preparation alone took three years.

It is said that it was "the power of the whole country". The whole nation's efforts were poured on the steel plate and the heavy land on both sides, with the mighty river. Being hard-working and conscientious, the workers and researchers sweated. The hard memory of building nine piers was very clear to them. Behind them stood the people who worked hard and looked forward to the completion of the bridge, stood the Nanjing government who gave full support to the construction work, and stood the China, which seemed to be stumbling but was moving steadily forward. Behind them stands China, a self-reliant country with a firm belief in the sharp contempt of other countries.

With the steel beams of the main bridge closed at pier 4, the main body of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge was completed. In the last twenty-eight days, the workers built a bridgehead with national pride. The red flag at the top of the bridgehead witnessed the sweat of tens of thousands of people's efforts and the indescribable confidence of the Chinese people. It was said that when the bridge was opened to traffic, more than 50000 people crowded onto the bridge, and the roads under the bridge and even the trees were full of people. On December 28 of the same year, the Yangtze River Bridge was opened to traffic successfully. All the people in Nanjing were celebrating. The unprecedented grand occasion and people's joy were due to the words "self-reliance". People sing "Self-reliance and hard struggle! Our spirits of anti-imperialist and anti-revisionist are high. The River Center holds up the skyscraper. The golden bridge is up across the river.”

People built it with uneasiness and difficulty. Although the hard sweat kept flowing, it had become the most dazzling scene in the development of the country. The real destination is still ahead. China, stood up in such an era of self-reliance. It will also stand in a more prosperous future!

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