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A Special Constitutional Oath--the First Public Open Day of the People's Congress in Jiangsu Province(The press release is from Class 1, Junior 1.)


On December 3, 2019, on the eve of the Sixth National Constitution Day, led by the teacher in charge of our class and Mr. Li Hongbin, deputy director of the Teaching Department, the representative of the National People's Congress, Mr. Zhang Xiaosong, deputy director of the Student Affairs Department, all the students from class 1, Junior 1, Nanjing Foreign Language School came to the Standing Committee of the People's Congress in Jiangsu Province to take part in the first public open day.

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The students visited the office building of the Provincial Standing Committee, which was built in 1935. They experienced the process of the leaders of Jiangsu Province welcoming foreign guests, and took a group photo on the second floor platform of the former site. All the students celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of the People's Congress, shouting to the UAV: "Happy 40th birthday! "

Then, the students came to the People's Congress, and listened to the speech of Deputy Secretary-General Zhao Jianyang of People's Congress on the Open Day, and watched the special film "The oath of office of the President". They attended the profound and easy-going lecture on the Constitution by Wang Lasheng, chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee of the thirteen sessions of the People's Congress of Jiangsu Province; Teacher Li took the stage as a model as for the proposed explanation on the "personnel appointment and removal case", the class also personally experienced the voting process, solemnly cast a vote, the solemn oath activity of "small constitution propagandist" was carried out, and the results were quite fruitful.

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The last part is the comments on the activity by Li Hongbin, a representative of the National People's Congress and a teacher of our school. At the end of the comment, Mr. Li said, standing in the solemn conference hall of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, let's imagine the coming China under the rule of law, beautiful China, rich and strong China, democratic China and harmonious China! Let's study, and work hard together to contribute to the realization of colorful Chinese dream.

After the activity, the students interviewed have expressed their feelings about the activity. "I felt that the constitution was far away from us, " said Li Mengze. " After attending this event, I realized that the Constitution was right around us. " Tian Haining said, "I used to watch the voting on TV. Now I am very excited that I have cast a deliberate vote. "

In the Constitution Lecture Hall, the students gained a lot of knowledge about the constitution and the People's Congress, learned about the history of the Constitution, recognized the authority of the Constitution, and understood the spirit of the Constitution. It let the students know to respect the constitution, protect the constitution, and study the constitution, abide by the Constitution.

Through this activity, the students benefited a lot. We all know the importance of the Constitution and let the seeds of law-abiding take root in the hearts of students.