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A 70-year Journey to Create Glory with Youth------Summary of Activities of Senior High School Youth Party School and Youth League Activities Themed National Day

On the occasion of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Senior High School Branch of our school launched the activities of Senior High School Youth Party School themed " A 70-year Journey to Create Glory with Youth" and Youth League Activities Themed National Day, aiming to inherit the revolutionary spirit, cultivate the sense of ownership of Youth League members, inspire them to think actively about what kind of elite talents they should become in the new era, to devote themselves to the country, Connect personal growth with the development and construction of the motherland.

All the young people are required to watch the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the national day, such as the General Assembly, the Military Parade and the Mass March, and exchange their feelings; the League Secretary selects 2-4 winners of the National Medal and the national honorary title to introduce their learning and work experience; and leads the league members to learn from the speech of General Secretary Xi at the General Assembly celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. To guide the Youth League members to discuss how to live a good high school life, how to think about war and peace, and what kind of life goals should be set, and how to realize self-value and other issues around "pursuing life happiness in struggle and highlighting life value in contribution".

Each branch also chose to carry out search activities named "Grow up together with the motherland", "let's take pictures together with the national flag" and " I sing patriotic songs" and so on, to stimulate the patriotic feelings of the Youth League members, and promote the league members to forge ahead and make unremitting efforts.

Through the activities of the Party School and Youth League Day,  the students received a profound patriotic education, determined to realize the Chinese Dream as their own mission, in the struggle to find happiness in life, highlight the value of life in contribution.

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Outstanding contributions from each branch:

"This golden age, as you wish"

In the early morning of October 1, 2019, joy flooded into every corner of the house with the sunshine.

"Happy Birthday!" I said softly, smiled at the small flags on both sides of the table, climbed out of bed, couldn't wait to turn on my mobile phone, and watched the long-awaited military parade.

The last time I enjoyed the heroic military posture, it was Zhu rihe's military parade in 2017. I remembered that the blue, white and green were interwoven with each other. I remembered that the pace of progress was like copying and pasting. I remembered that the sound of "serving the people" was so enlightening. I remembered that at that time, I was so naive that I wanted to put down my pen to join the army.

But this time, the parade wetted my eyes.

At first, it was the inspection car that made my tears burst out. After President Xi made a speech, he drove into Chang'an Avenue in the red flag inspection car and began to inspect the troops. The license plate number of the inspection car was VA01949 and VA02019 respectively. The 1949 car was empty. Everyone noticed the details. Some people said that the car was not empty in fact, it carried an answer, it carried a hero, it carried the past and ardent expectations.

I stared at those two small numbers, and I thought: 1949 was the persistence of fighting with blood and never falling down; 1949 was the first ray of dawn at the end of the war; 2019 was the prosperity of the world's attention; 2019 was the prosperity and health beyond the reach of predecessors. Therefore, today, we have the obligation and the ability to commemorate those heroes who have gone and shed their blood in this way: "this golden age, as you wish"!

The inspection cars continued to drive in Chang'an Avenue, row by row, standing firmly in line with the women who are "carrying the weight forward" for our "quiet years". Chang'an Avenue was so long. I had never noticed before. Is it true that Chang'an Avenue is ten miles long? Thinking about it, the air echelon has roared, 20 helicopters formed a huge number, "70", countless Air Eagles swept over the sky. I suddenly thought back to the founding ceremony 70 years ago. You firmly said, "if the plane is not enough, we will fly twice!" Primier, look at the sky over Chang’an Avenue today. We have heroic pilots. We have dazzling rainbow smoke. We have countless planes. We don't need to fly twice again! Premier, look at the huge crowds of people in Chang’an Avenue today. Half a century has passed. The Chinese people have lived up to your efforts. This golden age is as you wish!

I have always loved Premier Zhou, so much so that my tears were in my eyes. Then all kinds of advanced equipment are coming out one after another. I'm not a military fan. Most of the equipment is unknown. But when "DF-41" appears on the screen, my heart beat faster: I've heard a lot about it, Dongfeng 41! This intercontinental strategic nuclear missile, known as "strategic checks and balances, strategic control and victory" and the"mainstay of China's strategic nuclear power", has long been the head of "Dongfeng express".

I sighed with emotion, “What a peaceful and prosperous age!” What a high spirit! My heart was softened by the weight of this mighty country: because of this powerful national weapon: "Dongfeng". "The intercontinental missile is called" Dongfeng ", the air to ground missile is called" The Eagle Attacks ", the global positioning system is called" Beidou ", the Antarctic scientific research station is called" Kunlun ", the dark matter detector is called" Wukong ", the lunar exploration project is called" Chang'e Project ", the global low orbit satellite system is called" Hongyan ", the solar monitoring project is called" Kuafu Plan ", and the manned space station is called" Tiangong ". This is unique to the Chinese people Romantic feelings! Today, we are rich and strong. We are worthy of the generations who have struggled for 70 years. We are worthy of the martyrs who have saved our country with blood for hundreds of years. We are also worthy of all the Chinese people who have worked hard for 5000 years!

There is an idea that Newton lived in Einstein. I think that's what moved me: I felt the recognition of common identity and the quiet and continuous inheritance across thousands of years in this simple naming. History once took them as carriers, and when we took this mission, we tried our best to open up a new and brilliant era, and at the same time firmly grasped the ties that symbolize our origins and our past. The greatness of the Chinese people should be here: we will always strive for a community, not individual profits. So as we march forward and step out of the highlight, we see far more than individual achievements, but the pride of the whole nation!

Therefore, in the military parade, there was a look back on 1949, a consolation for the late prime minister, and a tribute to traditional Chinese culture with modern equipment. At the end of the day, it's a constant love.

In this way, we can proudly tell all the things we love that belong to "China":

"This golden age, as you wish"!

——Pan Yi, from Class 8, Senior 2, Youth League Branch

When the plane led the colorful cloud across the sky, how I want to tell Chairman Mao, look, we don't need to look forward to the grand scene of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, we can struggle all the time and dance our prosperity in the air with the colorful practice; when the great power and heavy weapons are released to the world, how I want to tell Premier Zhou, look, this grand world is as you wish!

——Xu Rongxin, from Class 1, Senior 1,Youth League Branch

In the new era, facing the complicated international political situation and many difficulties and challenges of national development, we can always hear some discordant voices. Europe and the United States on the other side of the ocean, Hong Kong in the embrace of our motherland, are bustling, trying to shake our new generation of strength. What kind of personal values should we shape for the youth and what kind of role should the league members play in the new era? Everything is worthy of our serious, serious and long-term thinking.

Fortunately, there are such a group of young people who are willing to feel the pulse of the times, such a group of young people who are passionate and willing to fight for the country and contribute to the nation, such a group of excellent young people who are rational, deep thoughtful, and willing to study for the rise of China.

——Zang Shuangan, from Class 2, Senior 1, Youth League Branch

After watching the military parade, I couldn't calm down in front of the TV for a long time. Seeing the strength of the Chinese army, I am deeply moved by the prosperity of the country, and I feel happy to live in such a powerful country. As the hope of the future of the motherland, we must make great efforts, like the soldiers, to equip ourselves well, and to give our own strength to the future needs of the motherland. We need to “fight in the battlefield and wait for the future”.

——Ban Zimo, from Class 4, Senior 1, Youth League Branch

In the past 70 years, with the ups and downs, why can the Chinese nation stand up after thousands of hardships? I think it's because in the darkest age, groups of patriotic young people " have given their lives to the cause of our country, looked at death as if they were going back", offered themselves and illuminated others; in the most confused age, "dedicated to be a thousand arrows", they were willing to take the lead and explore boldly. Some people say that in wartime, the cutest is the military, in peacetime, the cutest is the researchers. In fact, not only the soldiers and scientists, but also the people who are quietly dedicated to the country in ordinary posts are extraordinary people and the loveliest people.

——Yi Xuancang, from Class 5, Senior 2, Youth League Branch

It is true that our country may not be the richest country in the world, and we do not have the most powerful military force. However, the majestic temperament of my great China is incomparable. In just 70 years, the Oriental lion, who came from the suffering and glory, has achieved the achievements that many western countries never thought we could achieve. Isn't that admirable? Be grateful, remembered and proud.

I think we should do these three things. Only by studying for the rise of China and building the motherland stronger and stronger can we comfort the martyrs and say to them, "this golden age is as you wish."

——Liu Ruiying, from Class 6, Senior 2, Youth League Branch

During the national day, I visited Grandpa Chen Yan, my grandfather's old friend and a Party member. Chen Yan is a glorious Communist Party member, born in 1949, who happens to be the same age of the Republic. He once served as the Secretary of the Party Branch of the community. After retirement, he still attached himself to the masses, was enthusiastic to help the masses in need, cared about and supported the work of the community, and explained what a "Communist Party member" was with practical actions.

In the conversation with him, he told the story of the time when everyone united and went hand in hand. At that time, people's life was not very rich, and even some people didn't have enough to eat.. With the concern of the state, more and more poverty alleviation projects are surging, and more and more people begin to join in the fight of poverty alleviation. Grandpa Chen Yan is one of them. What's rare is that in the whole process of the visit, Grandpa did not boast about his achievements at all, but was proud of that group of people and that group of hardworking young people. Grandpa Chen Yan did not mention the hard work of that year, but rather shared the good people and good things that he remembered at that time. At the end of the conversation, he expressed his blessing and love for China in a simple and sincere tone.

As a young generation, deeply moved by the patriotism of the older generation in their blood. Their patriotism is not just words, but really put it into action, and contributing to the motherland.

As young people in the new era, we should learn the humility and hard-working spirit from the older generation, and reflect patriotism in our daily life and study.

——Shang Xiran , from Class 8, Senior 2, Youth League Branch

The enthusiasm and determination of the military people in the parade are reflected in the uniform movements. The heroic square March fully demonstrates the positive and sunny spirit of the new generation of young people, and provides a model for our young students to learn. The Military Parade and the Mass March have shown the achievements of the development of the motherland in the past 70 years from all aspects, which makes us feel proud of our motherland. The series of activities for the 70th anniversary has fully aroused the patriotic emotion of the students. We will work hard in the future with the spirit of never yielding to defeat and being bold and innovative in order to contribute our own strength to the construction of the motherland in the future.

——Ke Xinyi, from Class 5, Grade 3, Youth League Branch

If teenagers are prosperous, the country will be prosperous. If teenagers are strong, the country will be strong. In this new era full of challenges, teenagers are the future of the motherland, shouldering the prosperity of the motherland. We have a great responsibility. The society, teachers and parents have very high expectations for us. We must not slack off, we must make more efforts. No matter whether we go abroad or study in China, everyone should combine the "personal dream" with the "Chinese dream" and shoulder our own mission and responsibility.

——Yin Jiusi, from Class 6, Senior 3, Youth League Branch

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