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Inherit the Red Gene and Cultivate the Feelings of Patriotism------Students of Our School Have Made Great Achievements in 2019 Nanjing Military Training Camp

From November 16 to 17, 2019, Zang Shuangan, Li Sihan, Zhang Zihan, Jing Erhao, Li Zhiwei, Xi Zien, Qiang Shuhan, Song Chenjie, students of Grade one of the senior high school participated in the 2019 Nanjing Senior High School Military Training Camp sponsored by Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Education and won the first prize at the National Defense Park in Lishui Dajinshan on behalf of our school under the leadership of the teachers, Zhu and Gu.


This competition is divided into two sessions: the written test and the skill competition, each with 100 points. The activities are rich in content, with maps using, formation training, battlefield rescue, live firing, fire drill, singing military songs, armed cross-country and other competition items.

In the short opening ceremony on the afternoon of November 16, the members of our school showed their excellent military qualities, and left a deep impression on all the judges and teachers with their upright posture and full passion.

After the instructor led the campers to familiarize themselves with the venue of relevant competitions, the campers entered the tense written examination at 5 p.m. With the wealth of national defense knowledge and composure, our school members won the first place in the written examination with an average score of 4.37 points ahead of the second place, which made a good start for the competition.


At 7:00 p.m., the second session -Singing the military song. Our school was the first one to appear. Eight students and the coach, Zhu Yue brought "the strong army battle song" and "my motherland and I" to show in the form of sitcoms. The songs were loud, novel, eye-catching, and finally got high scores. On the first day, our school ranked first in the two sessions.


In the session of the skill competition on the next day, the team members worked hard. After many rounds of fierce competition, our school won the first prize of the group and the Best Talent Award; Zhu Yue, the teacher, won the Excellent Instructor, and Song Chenjie, the student, won the Star of Rescue.

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Our school has always attached great importance to national defense education and practiced the cultivation of modern Chinese soul with patriotic feelings. In order to enable students to have a deeper understanding of the history of the army, the Party and the military, inherit the red gene and cultivate the feelings of patriotism, our school will continue to promote the popularization and deepening of national defense education on campus, enhance the national defense concept and national security awareness of middle school students, and pass the red gene on from generation to generation.

Excerpts of the campers' feelings:

I still remember the military training in the past and the immortal achievements in the present. Just two days of military training camp life, told me what is struggle, what is glory, what is youth. When I stepped into the camp again, my heart was full of fighting spirit. Neat steps, firm eyes, and the sound of guns in full bloom all let me burst out with boundless vitality, tensing my body all the time, striving for all the honors. And when I left the camp again, I didn't feel sorry for the championship we missed because of our mistakes. We have all done our best. Why don't you pack up your uniform and fight for the first place next year!

Li Sihan

Through the training camp, I have mastered a lot of skills and experienced projects that I can't experience at ordinary times. In addition to obstacle running, I have never touched any single event, such as orienteering, use of fire extinguishers, live firing, etc. This activity has broadened my vision, exercised my ability, and benefited me a lot. It's a precious experience in my life.

Zhang Zihan

When I first decided to sign up, I didn't know anything about the military training camp at that time. I didn't even know that there was a "question bank" until the morning of the written examination. I think my attitude towards this activity at that time should be fluke rather than care. When has my mind changed? I couldn't help thinking. Is it a round of selection? Let me start to understand this activity? Is it with the practice of creeping forward to the class ball game? Is it the time to practice turning and walking with hunger? Or when I was practicing dressing in the infirmary, looking out of the window at the time when the shadow of the tree was longer and longer, and the sky was a little darker? At that time, all the unpleasant things seemed to be covered with a beautiful tulle in the memory, which transformed into a treasured silhouette. From the moment I stepped on the bus to Dajinshan, I was filled with a sense of responsibility. It relies on the gradual familiarity with teammates and the increased team cohesion in training again and again.

Li Zhiwei

The most unforgettable thing for me is the project of crossing the iron-chain hanging bridge, which seems simple but tests many of my abilities. The first time I rushed to the hanging bridge, I slipped down because I didn't have enough speed. Later, I managed to climb up several times, but I was scared by the bumpy feeling. I told myself again and again: Look forward! Go ahead! Don't stop! Don't bow! After that, I overcame my inner fear and finally walked through the hanging bridge with the encouragement of my teachers and classmates. I realized that what I had passed was not only a rocking iron-chain hanging bridge, but also a big challenge in my life. I overcame the difficulties and transcended myself. I suddenly felt that I had become brave and I had grown up.

Qiang Shuhan

In order to get satisfactory written test results, I spent a lot of time in doing exercise in the week before the game, and sometimes I with my teammates will draw questions from each other in order to consolidate and deepen my impression. When I finished reciting the questions, I found that it not only helped me to get good results in the competition, but also enriched my knowledge of history, politics and national defense and broadened my vision.

Xi Zi’en

I feel very happy and proud to participate in this military training camp. I'm very happy to compete with my team members and other school teams. I'm very happy to gain many like-minded friends in the group. I'm very happy to exercise my ability and perseverance in the competition. I am proud of the team members of our school, the ability, perseverance and broad mind that we have fully demonstrated, and the ability to represent the school and contribute to the school. Looking back, the aftertaste is endless. I believe that after accepting this military training camp competition, all the campers will be able to take a better attitude in every step of the future, and will not forget the good time we all had together.

Zang Shuang’an

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