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Happy Festival with Strong Love and Filial Piety

During the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Chong Yang Festival, the school Youth League Committee launched education practice activities with the themes of "Happy Festival with Strong Love and Filial Piety" in the high school branch. The NFLS students participated actively and a total of 157 essays have been submitted. The students sincerely felt the cultural atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Chong Yang Festival. In the warmth of the festival, they celebrated the fine traditional qualities of filial piety and gratitude and experienced the purification of body and mind with thankfulness and love. Activities are organized in four forms:

(1) Family reunion with love. Students enjoyed the moon with their families during the Mid-Autumn Festival and collected beautiful extracts and poems about the full moon at Mid-Autumn Festival. They exchanged their views on the two traditional festivals and made a special report on the Mid-Autumn Festival. The report covers the historical origins and cultural customs of traditional festivals.
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(2)  Open your heart and show gratitude in writing. A family letter full of affection touches the softest part of the reader's heart and make them feel like experiencing it again.  It is exactly like what the saying describes, “How admirable and sacrificing a parent is for their children, their hearts always leave a space for their children full of love"!

Song Zihao, Class2 of 10h Grade:

Mom and Dad, you are my lighthouse guiding me through the sea; you are the paving stone making my way ahead straight and spacious... As your daughter, I know that "Filial piety comes first" and "the favor of a drop of water should be returned with gratitude of fountain of water". Although I am not able to pay you all, I will do my best to return your love and care as much as I can. I know and also believe that small drops of water getting together can make a river. I feel your love for me. I will remember it forever because there is nothing could replace it!  Mom and Dad, I love you forever and ever! Looking at the stars, I can't find a star more brilliant than my mother's face! Walking through the land, I can't find any place more solid than my father's shoulder!

Shang Xiran, Class 8 of 10th Grade:

Grandma, please take a good break in your hometown. I hope you will eat the seafood you miss and watch the sunrise on the beach as you remember. Wish everything is well! I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and the best of health! I will visit you when I have time!

Chen Ruoxi, Cambridge Class 2:

What is love? Parents' love is endless, ubiquitous and unrequited. What about my gratitude? What should I do? I am confused and trying to find the answer. It is very complicated. Everyone would have different answers. My answer will be, let my heart be with you. Hand in hand, we will make the distance of our hearts disappear.

Shi Shenglan, Class 5 of 11th Grade:

I am sincerely very thankful. Like my friends, you are there and comforting me when I am in a bad mood; you support me with love when I am discouraged in the study. Thank you for protecting me from wind and rain and holding up my side of the sky; thank you for listening to my grievances, forgive my mistakes, and be my solid supporter; thank you for all you have done for me. In the future, I decided not to make you worry about me, to bring you comfort with my achievements, and to bring you happiness with my filial piety. Mom and Dad, I love you.

(3) Housework and big love. We are so proud of ourselves when looking at the photos of us doing housework, making gourmet food and baking traditional pastries!

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(4) Observation and efforts. A series of portraits show our young people's respect for the elders and their love for a better life.


The students expressed their appreciation of the traditional Chinese festivals in various ways, their gratitude to their families, and their understanding of reunion and respect for the elderly. They deeply realized that behind their happy life is their parents' and elders' unreserved devotion and care, which is the best inheritance of our excellent traditional Chinese culture.