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Doing Housework Well, Warm and Loving

-- A Summary of the Education Practice Themed Mid-autumn in Class 5 Junior I

The mid-autumn Festival is a traditional festival of Reunion in our country. In such a festival, the students of Class 5 have done something meaningful while they are reunited with their relatives and friends. That is they show their own skills to do housework. Please look.


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The girls in our class are not only beautiful but also virtuous. It's very interesting to have a super loving look when doing housework!



The boys in our class, wearing aprons, are absolutely the world's most handsome! Many students not only do the housework but also have a very profound understanding, mainly in the following two aspects:

1. It seems simple, but it's not easy.

Although housework is a small task, it's not easy to do. It's even more difficult to do it well. As Rui Xingze said, “Washing dishes seemed simple, but in practice, it wasn't what I thought it would be. The greasy bowls slithered in my hands, and I clutched them tightly as they were about to fall. In less than 10 minutes, I was sweating.”

Wu Yufei said, "it seems simple to cut tomatoes, but if you want to cut them the same size, you really have to be careful."

“Beat an egg? Stir it with chopsticks? Only a few minutes later, my hands were sore, but the egg had not yet been completely beaten. The oil almost spilled on me several times while I was cooking. Another example was,” Sun Darui said: “picking vegetables, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, cooking, serving, washing pots,… the whole process seemed to be simple but very complicated. I realized what hard work my mother does every day.”

2. Work hard and enjoy the achievements

“When doing housework, I not only learned the basic life skills, but also enjoyed the fruits of labor and enjoyed helping my family.“ Shen Dahong said, “Although I was tired in one afternoon, I felt very successful looking at the neat bookshelf. “ Chen Zhiyu said, “Although I only made a dish today, I also learned a lot, especially the method and order of doing things. I believe that is just the beginning. There are more dishes and more challenges in my life waiting for me to practice.”

Parents usually pay too much for us. They always try their best to create a better learning environment and living conditions for us, so that we can grow up healthily and happily and live a carefree life. We should know how to be grateful and repay our love for our parents and elders with actions. We students of Class 5 unanimously said that we should start from the small things around us, do some small things for our family, reduce their burdens, and exercise our hands-on abilities after busy school work.