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Don’t Forget Why We Started---Be a Good Pioneer in the New Era


From October 12 to 13, the 7th Nanjing Municipal Congress of China's Young Pioneers was held in the Party School of the CPC Municipal Committee. Ji Jingxing, from Class 5, Junior 2 of our school, participated in the Congress as a representative. During the children's Congress, Ji Jingxing and the other representatives of the young pioneers of the city discussed the work report of the Congress and participated in the theme meeting, further strengthened their ideals and beliefs, and determined to be qualified "Communist Successors ".

On the morning of December 12, Zhang Jinghua, Secretary of the CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee and other municipal leaders first visited the exhibition of the achievements of the Young Pioneers' organizations. Zhang Jinghua expressed warm greetings to the young pioneers. After that, the preparatory meeting of the Congress was held, the report on the preparatory work of the Congress was heard, and the report on the qualification examination of deputies, the agenda of the Congress, the composition plan and list of the presidium members of the Congress, the list of the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General of the Congress were adopted.

The opening ceremony of the congress was held on the afternoon of December 12. With the sonorous and powerful drum sound, the flag of the Chinese Young Pioneers came out and all sang the song of the Chinese young pioneers. The 7th Nanjing Congress of the Chinese Young Pioneers opened. Relevant leaders of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the Communist Youth League Provincial Committee and the Municipal Education Bureau made speeches at the opening ceremony of the congress. On behalf of 450000 young pioneers in the city, six young pioneers delivered a speech to the congress: "holding high the flag and following the Party to be a pioneer in the new era” -- thriving in the development vision of" innovative famous city, beautiful ancient capital ". After the opening ceremony, the "top ten red scarf suggestions conference" was held. Young pioneers actively participate in the construction of their hometown as little masters in Nanjing. Representatives of young pioneers from different schools in the city issued suggestions in eight aspects, including patriotic education, science and technology, safety and order, life and learning, life and entertainment, family life, mental health, environmental protection, etc. In the evening, the meeting themed "Loving the Party and pursuing dreams in the new era" was held. At the theme meeting, the young pioneers showed their passion and determination to grow up as young pioneers. The whole theme meeting was full of positive energy.

The closing ceremony of the congress was held on the morning of October 13, and a new Youth Working Committee was elected. In the loud and clear call of all the young pioneers, the congress ended smoothly.

Zhang Jinghua, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, attended the congress and encouraged the young pioneers, fully reflecting the care of the party and the government for the young pioneers. We young pioneers should feel the responsibility and burden as Communist Successors for the great rejuvenation of the nation. We must bear in mind the teachings of general secretary Xi Jinping's "never forget why we started", keep firmly in mind the pledge of joining the Young Pioneer Team, strive to be a good pioneer in the new era, and contribute to the construction of "innovative city and beautiful ancient capital".