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Creating Green Campus, Practicing Green Education

On the afternoon of October 21, 2019, our school held a working meeting about creating a green school in Jiangsu Province in the conference room on the fourth floor.


At this meeting, we invited 8 representatives of the students from all grades, 1 representative of Youth League cadre, 4 representatives of parents, 4  representatives of geography, biology, art and general technology teachers, 27 representatives from teaching department, general affairs department, education and protection department, office, Student Department, school-level leaders, Lan Yuan community, environmental protection department and education competent department to form our Green Campus Construction Committee. The work that creates one of the 19th batch of Green Schools in Jiangsu Province was officially launched.


 President Li Xifan explained to the members of the meeting the significance of our active participation in the establishment of green schools in Jiangsu Province, and analyzed the effectiveness and foundation of our school in the construction of ecological civilization. For example, the school replaces the traditional bonfire party, which impressed the students, with the New Year's light party; the school advocates public transportation among the students; and the school promotes the ecological awareness through the morning meeting themed ecological civilization education, Clear Your Plate Campaign, Commentary on Campus by Mr. Zhu; the school deepens the students' environmental awareness through the practical activities such as the green plant maintenance of the ecological corners of the groups, the garbage sorting and putting in; the school enhances teachers and students' awareness of saving through the old things exchange Fair and daily classroom electrical management; the school helps the teachers and students deepen the understanding of ecological civilization, master the methods of energy conservation and emission reduction, and take active part in public events about environmental protection through learning and practice activities in geography, biology, art, research-based learning and other disciplines. The students in Nanjing Foreign Languages School have a good sense of caring for the ecological environment and laid a certain foundation for the creation of a green school.


In his speech, Secretary LV Yan stressed that the creation of green schools should integrate environmental awareness and action into school management, education, teaching and activities. Schools should establish a cultural atmosphere of environmental protection through formulating environmental management systems, carrying out effective environmental education activities in their daily work. At the same time, the school has strengthened cooperation and contact between the school and the community, guided students as the owners of the campus to take action in the process of creating a beautiful campus, and spread the concept and action of ecological civilization construction from the school to the family and the community. We will play a role of small hands in large hands to help families in raising awareness and taking the lead in saving water, electricity, gas, food and other resources, and practicing the classification of household waste. Under the guidance of experts from the Environmental Protection department, the school will hold environmental protection knowledge seminars and organize visits to environmental education bases, etc.

At the meeting, Secretary Lue arranged the schedule of the creation work and the tasks of each department. He also pointed out that the creation of the green school is tight and the task is heavy. It is hoped that with the joint efforts of teachers, students, parents and experts, we will act together for environmental protection and sustainable development, and make contributions to the construction of ecological civilization.


On behalf of the "Green School Construction Committee", Mr. Ju Yueshuang read out the commitment letter of Nanjing foreign language school to create a green school in Jiangsu Province. Subsequently, all members signed the letter of commitment.

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The teachers, students, parents and experts attending the meeting all felt that the creation of the green school was a promotion for the school system to carry out ecological civilization education, which was conducive to cooperation of our departments, the development of school-based ecological civilization education curriculum. It will help us to focus on practice and action, fully implement the requirements of ecological civilization construction, and create a beautiful class and a beautiful campus.