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We Are Going "Home"---Devoted-to-Study Newsletter

Again came the season full of peach and plum fragrances welcoming the 35th Teacher's Day. Six years of hard work in our alma mater have given us the privilege of realizing the dream of becoming part of NFLS. During the new students' entrance education session, Principal Zou advocated “Never forgetting teacher’s great kindness and returning to visit on the Teacher's Day”. This is the tradition of the NFLS, and also what we, newly graduated devoted-to-study students want to do.

Right before the Teacher's Day, some of the new devoted-to-study 7th graders met together to prepare a special gift for the teachers. They acted in the micro-movie "We Are Going Home". From the dreaming days in Beijing East Road to the Hankou West Road, they were going home happily and proudly to see the teachers.

Cutting cake with the teachers, taking photos, sharing our memories back when we were in the NFLS, we could not fully go over everything in such a short time.

Today this year,

You are still with the three-foot platform, 

But we can't be with you.

Today this year,

When you look at them in the classroom,

Would you think of us used to be here?

Like a song we meet each other,

Looking back is another way of meeting.

"Starbuck" in the Devoted-To-Study Campus,

Roses winding on fences will bloom again,

Again we will come back. 

We would like to dedicate this poem to our dear, loving teachers, whose great kindness is unforgettable! The cool autumn wind could not sweep away the warmth from the heart. Meeting each other, getting to know each other, knowing each other and saying good-bye to each other... we grew up gradually in this cycle beyond our control. We mature with age, however, the unchanged is the feeling. In the future, we may pursue our studies all over the world, but we will always return to the "home."

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