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Passing on the Love and Making it Endless---The 2019-2020 school year’s work of student counselors officially launched 


In order to help the 7th graders better integrate into the Nanjing Foreign Language School Collective and help the 8th graders do good connecting jobs, the School Youth League Committee recruited a new group of student counselors composed of excellent League members to better serve junior high school students.


1. Open recruitment

In early September, the School Youth League Committee recruited students from Senior I and Senior 2. The registration conditions are: The Communist Youth League members who have been honored as the five-star students in the first and second grades of our senior high school, have both excellent characters and academic qualities, are warm and cheerful, have love and patience, and have team work experience, are preferred.

After carefully selected by the School Youth League Committee, and selected by the counselors of each Squadron, the School Youth League Committee appointed a total of 48 student counselors in the 2019-2020 school year.

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1. Summary and commendation

At noon on September 29, the student counselor's recognition training session

for the 2019-2020 school year was held in the stairs classroom of the E3 building.

At the meeting, the excellent student counselors of 2017-2018 school year were first commended, and Mr. Wang Shaolin presented awards to the excellent student counselors, expressing gratitude and praise for their hard work and excellent work in the year.

After the award, Lin Fangyi, an excellent student counselor from Class 7, Senior 2, shared his work experience and insights with the new student counselors.

Lin Fangyi first pointed out that the most important problem of doing a good job as a counselor is to help junior high school students adapt to the new school life. The method is "care" and "solution." It is necessary to solve the problems of new students from the aspects of adapting to the learning environment, effectively managing the time, and grasping the ideological trends. Lin emphasized that it might be more effective to spend 10 to 15 minutes at noon every day chatting with the students than to spend one class every week answering questions and solving doubts for them.

Chen Shuwen, an excellent student counselor in Class 3, Senior 2, also shared the experience of team cohesion. She briefly introduced her work experience in the past year, and emphasized the importance of introducing the relevant knowledge of the Communist Youth League. Chen Shuwen pointed out that it was a great sense of achievement and happiness to witness the 8th graders joining the League, and hoped that such a sacred duty can also be performed by the new counselors.


3. Job training

Wang Shaolin, the Youth League Committeeman of the school, trained the new counselors. Mr. Wang led the students' counselors to re-read the work regulations of the students' counselors and review the important duties and assessment standards of student counselors. Let the student counselors be happy and realize that taking this position also means shouldering an important responsibility. We must continue to work hard and redouble our efforts in the future. We must remember our missions and start our own trips as the students’ counselors and close friends.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang issued the letters of appointment to the student counselors in the new school year, and expressed his deep expectations on them.

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4. On duty

Before and after the National Day holiday, the student counselors of the 2018-2020 school year have successively entered their own classes that they are wanted to communicate with the younger brothers and younger sisters on the upcoming club recruitments, sports festival and other activities, and introduce the scheme of accumulating points for joining the League in detail. In the aspect of learning, counselors give experience and recommend methods on how to prepare for various examinations, reflections, and summaries.