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Ode to New China, Striving for a New Era - Visiting "Achievements Exhibition of Jiangsu Province Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China"

At noon on October 7, 2019, the Nanjing International Expo Center was crowded with people at the main entrance. Teachers from Student Office, 7th-grade teachers, students and parent delegates of NFLS, a total of more than 900 people dressed in uniforms and holding a small national flag gathered here to watch the official opening of the " Ode to New China, Striving for a New Era" exhibition.

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The “Achievements Exhibition of Jiangsu Province Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China” is extensive and magnificent in scale. The total area of the exhibition is 12,000 square meters and divided into three parts: comprehensive exhibition, local exhibition and outdoor exhibition.

After the security check and following the flow of people, teachers, students and parents of NFLS first came to the outdoor exhibition area. What caught the eye was a giant arch decorated with flowers. The auspicious cloud pattern with red background and golden rim set off the festival atmosphere of the 70th birthday of the motherland. Students from all classes took photos here. Their bright smiles swept away the coolness of the autumn. Looking around, the outdoor exhibition unveiled the manufacturing “pillars":  The Model of “Jiaolong” manned submersible, the “Zhenxing” Tunnel Boring Machine, and the “Tiankun” heavy-duty self-propelled cutter Dredger... These types of "made in Jiangsu" equipment with independent innovation and leading-edge technology are impressive and amazing.

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Entering the exhibition hall, it seems that we have passed through a 70-year time tunnel. The comprehensive exhibition, achievements exhibition, and regional special exhibitions focus on displaying more than 100 “Jiangsu's First”, “Jiangsu's Only” and “Jiangsu’s Best”, very overwhelming. Each of the exhibition areas is designed with great care in order to help every visitor remember the vicissitudes of history, see the traces of the years, retain the cultural roots, and resonate with them. We are no exception. In front of every precious photo, every vivid video, and every physical scene show, the students watched carefully and listened carefully to the introduction of professional lecturers. Even the accompanying parents were interested. They asked questions from time to time about relevant history and knowledge. We are sincerely proud of our Jiangsu's great achievements in the construction, reform and development of New China.


70 fruitful years,  70 years of making great strides. Looking back on the past, the arduous spirit of Jiangsu will continue; praising the current, the “strong, rich, beautiful and high” style of Jiangsu is inspiring; looking forward to the future, making another brilliance of Jiangsu’s modernization construction is a very important task on our shoulders... As a Jiangsu youth in the new era, we are very happy to grow up in such a province with a rich culture, strong manufacturing, science and technology. As an NFLS student with a "Chinese soul and global vision," we are more proud of being able to study in a city of excellence with first-class schools and classes. The marching Jiangsu is depicting the "great freehand painting" by general secretary Xi Jinping into a fine and vivid "meticulous painting". We will keep our high spirits, study hard and be ready to realize the Chinese dream in the future.