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Summary of Class 1 of 8th Grade Labor Practices

On September 16, all the students in Class 1 of 8th Grade participated in the school's labor practice activities for the first time. Teacher Wang gave us a brief introduction. At 1:00 pm, we arrived at the lecture hall in E03 with excitement and curiosity. There, we further understood the details of the activities and met with the cleaning staff from respective positions. After a brief exchange, the students went straight to their responsible posts.

We were scattered in every corner of the campus, some in the teaching building, some outside the teaching building; some standing upright at the gate, some bending down to wipe tables and chairs. Although we had different posts and responsibilities, we were all very conscientious. Some classmates walked together and wiped the railings of different shapes. It seemed that the workload was not small. However, when worked together, they finished most of the tasks in a short time. Some students cleaned up beside the playground; others stood guarding at the gate... ...when walking close to them, what we saw was that they were working conscientiously.

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During these two hours, we have worked hard but gained a lot. After the cleaning staff assigned us the task, they did not rest either but kept on working. The gate guard stood with the student without any slack; when the students wiped the railings, the responsible cleaning staff walk back and forth cleaning the trash cans, picking up wastepaper... Compared with them, our work was a lot easier. The cleaning staff didn't want us to do too much: every time when they came back after a working cycle, they couldn't help but praise the students and ask everyone to take a break and make sure not to get too tired. However, at the same time, they rushed to the next working post.

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This two-hour work is only a microcosm compared to their day-to-day work, but helped us to be fully aware of their hard work. Without them, we will not have a clean, tidy and safe learning environment. They work quietly behind the scenes without any complaints and never ask for a return. It is worthy of our admiration. Although they look ordinary, they are actually indispensable.