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Love Holds Strength Together, Hope Makes Future - Students from Class 8 of 19th Grade of Nanjing Foreign Languages School Participated in Volunteer Activities in China Imperial Examinations Museum on The Day of Mid-Autumn Festival


On September 13, 2019, although it's autumn, the weather was not cool at all. The scorching sun could not stop the enthusiasm of the 7th graders of NFLS to carry out volunteer activities. At 8:30 AM, the students arrived on time at the front gate of the Chinese Imperial Examination Museum. Students wearing uniforms and flying red scarves with bright smiles and full spirits showed their confidence to participate in public welfare activities for the first time in middle school.

After short gathering, self-introduction, and notes explanation, students received their assignments of responsibilities from the organizers of the Community Work of the Imperial Examinations Museum. Located to the east of Nanjing Confucius Temple in Qinhuai District of Nanjing City, China imperial examination museum is a large-scale historical museum about China's imperial examination culture and system.

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It is also the only underground museum in China. Its visiting route starts from the underground 4th floor and gradually rise to the ground buildings of Mingyuan Tower, ZhiGong Hall, Imperial Examination Cells, etc., like a slowly opened bamboo slips. Many first-time visitors may get lost. Therefore, the student volunteers' main responsibilities today are to be "Museum visitor's guides”, that is, to maintain the order of visitors in the museum, help visitors with their visiting route questions, and report to the staff of the museum in case of emergency.

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The students quickly entered the role, enthusiastically guiding the visitors and answering the questions. The key highlight of the collection of the Imperial Examination Museum is the "Authentic Final Test Paper of Zhao Wenkai who achieved the first place" enshrined in the Champion Hall. It is about 260 cm long and 45 cm high with 22 folds and 1942 characters. Many tourists from other places come to visit. There are quite a few elementary school students who asked their parents all kinds of questions. Very often the parents don’t know how to answer. At this time, our NFLS students would come to help. They answered the questions patiently and meticulously due to their usual extensive reading. When the parents leave the exhibition hall, they would tell their kids," These student helpers have read a lot of books, and you should read more going forward. " In addition, students gained self-confidence and strength while helping others.


The first more than four hours of public welfare activities soon ended. Although the event is over, our road of public welfare has just started. We are confident that through our own actions, we will gather the love of the whole society and condense into a powerful force to achieve a more brilliant future of China, and become a real modern person with a Chinese soul and global vision.