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“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”-- "The Sky" eagle holiday team visited the national science and technology experts.

With the motto "Beautiful Dawn, Infinite Hope", the Nanjing Chenguang Group aimed to cast first-class aerospace enterprise, known as the original Jinling Manufacturing Bureau founded by Li Hongzhang in 1865, is one of the four major arsenals in modern China and is known as the cradle of modern Chinese national industry. The Chenguang Group has experienced great changes from machine manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, witnessed the rise of the modern Chinese National military industry and aerospace industry, and is an important patriotism education base. 

During the summer vacation, the sun burning, the students from Class 3 Grade 7 in our school came to Nanjing Chenguang Group Co., Ltd., which belongs to the China Aerospace Science and Technology. 

They visited the Jinling Ordnance Exhibition Hall and interviewed Mr. Chen Mengluo, the former chairman and chief engineer of the company; Mr. Shi Yunpeng, the designer of “Powerhouse” of “Tiangong No.1”; Mr. Wang Nanshi, the chief technician and the winner of the honor titled “Craftsmen of the Nation”;and Mr. Xu Bin, “CNC Iron Man”. The students were deeply affected by the dedication, selflessness, diligent and innovative work styles of the “old, middle-aged and young ”science and technology personnel. They all expressed their determination to be grounded on the basis of "Chinese soul, world mind" and actively add bricks to China's socialist modernization construction.

01 Jinling Manufacturing Bureau, founded in 18651

To remember the past, to remember the history, put our feet on the ground and to look to the future. In the modern war of defending the country and resisting foreign invaders, the most indispensable is the guns produced by Jinling Manufacturing Bureau. The production and quality of guns produced here were the highest in the country at that time. It can be said that the history of the development of Jinling Manufacturing Bureau is also the history of the evolution of modern guns in China. During the visit, the students said with emotion, "We are fortunate to live in New China and live in a peaceful country. We must study hard, serve the motherland, and guard peace."

02 Jinling Ordnance Exhibition Hall


“Jinling Ordnance Exhibition Hall” is the military science and culture education base of national defense science and technology industry and the science education demonstration base of Nanjing. It is also the exhibition hall of Nanjing Chenguang Group. Through on-site visits and listening to the lectures, the students learned about the development of China's national military industry and aerospace industry, as well as the company's more than 150 years of glorious development history, further enhancing their confidence in the development of the space industry and strengthening the belief of the space service to the country.

03 Interview with Mr. Xu Bin, CNC Iron Man of Aerospace Front Line


The students came to the NC machine tool workshop and received a warm reception from Mr. Xu Bin, a special technician of NC machining. According to the interview, Mr. Xu is a leading craftsman in the field of numerical control processing. With his superb skills, he has completed a number of technological research and solved many key problems in NC machining, participated in dozens of important research achievements, and won a number of innovative awards and patents. As the company's "top backbone" of CNC processing, he devoted himself to solving the problems of scientific research and production, practicing the initial intention and pledge of the Communist Party members with practical actions, and making important contributions to the successful completion of the space mission.

04 Interview with the three generations of "old, middle and young" scientists in the aerospace industry


Very rare, but also very touching to the students, the 76-year-old former chairman and chief engineer of Nanjing Chenguang Group, Mr. Chen Mengluo came to the interview site. Mr. Chen is a native of Shanghai. He talked about the liberation of Shanghai when he was a child. He talked about the experience of studying, working and studying abroad. The students were deeply inspired by his earnest spirit of seeking knowledge, rich work experience and profound knowledge. In particular, Mr. Chen's experience of growing up with the People's Republic of China has benefited us a lot. In particular, Mr. Chen encouraged the students to keep their original aspirations in their growth and to study hard to meet the expectations of the public and serve the country.

In 2011, “Tiangong No.1” was the first to change its track, providing one of the operational power guarantees for the change. It is a kind of box called the power energy cabin. This technology is the first used in China, and only Russia in the world has mastered this technology. Mr. Shi Yunpeng, who came to the scene, is the manufacturer of this core component. “The box we developed has been subjected to pressure testing, ultimate tensile compression testing, and helium mass spectrometry leak testing. It is still safe and sound, achieving the goal of repeated filling and re-use.” 10 years of hard research and development, ten years of grinding the "box" has finally succeeded, and this is not only the team that Mr. Shi’s team has "not forgetting the original aspiration , but moving forward", but also the "severe, cautious, detailed, and practical" Chenguang culture provided the success of China’s manned spaceflight project. Extremely important guarantee.

Mr. Wang Nanshi, the chief technician of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, a young and middle-aged expert from Jiangsu Province, and the winner of the honor titled “Craftsmen of the nation”, also came to the interview site. Mr. Wang Nanshi has won the title of National Technical Expert, National Defense Technology Industrial Expert, Aerospace Top Ten Skills Master, Aerospace Technology Expert, Jiangsu Province Outstanding Contribution Senior Technician, Jiangsu Province Skill Master Studio Leader, etc., and won the Space Fund Award and enjoy the State Council. Special government allowance. 

He has been engaged in the installation and adjustment of servo mechanism for more than 30 years, often standing at the theoretical level to solve practical problems, which is a model of the combination of profound theoretical literacy and rich practical experience among skilled workers. With a high sense of mission, he took root in the front line, studied hard and worked selflessly. Over the years, he solved many technical problems in the assembly and adjustment of aerospace servo products, made great contributions to the aerospace industry, and displayed the spirit of "being able to endure hardships, fight, tackle key problems and dedicate".

05 The eagle soars and the ROC spreads its wings. Our journey is the sea of stars.


Through this visit to Nanjing Chenguang Group, we interviewed the first-line experts at close range. The students knew and deeply perceived the growth and psychological course of the aerospace science and technology masters working in scientific research and production. Scientists are meticulous in their work and strive for excellence. Their modest and approachable attitude in life makes students feel a lot of emotion. At the end of the interview, the students were still interested. The so-called "Chinese soul, world mind" has been thoroughly and vividly interpreted in this activity. The Eagle soars, the ROC spreads its wings. Walking out of the Chenguang Group, what overflows in the hearts of the students is the song of Our China:

It's time to start again.

We stand at the crossroads of hope.

Our journey is the sea of stars.

All civilizations and freedoms are visible.

China is in my mind.

Believe in her, going with her in the future.

Love the world and the motherland,

More gentle to people,

There are friends all over the world.

The group members who participated in the event were Wei Mingyang, Chen Xiaoran, Zhong Ziyou, Zuo Yifei, Wu Yuehe, Ding Shuran, Wu Junxi, Cao Yarui, Gan Wenshu, Liu Zhiyuan, Ye Xintong, Wang Yizhang, Wang Siyuan, Jin Liangdong, Li Yanchi and Liu Yuqing.