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Building Dreams and Pursuing Dreams, Striving for the Realization of the Chinese Dream

During summer break, 13 members of the Nanjing Foreign Languages School "Flying High" Eagle Holiday Team came to the People's Hospital of Jiangsu Province to visit Chen Jiawei, the tenured professor of the hospital and the special allowance expert of the State Council.

Grandpa Chen Jiawei is an academic leader in the endocrinology department of the People's Hospital of Jiangsu Province. He is 90 years old. He graduated from the Medical Department of Shanghai Second Medical College in 1957. He has been engaged in the medical, teaching and research work of endocrine and metabolic diseases. He served as the vice-chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Association of Science and Technology, the vice president of the Jiangsu Medical Association, the member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, and the Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Diabetes Society, etc.

In the 5th conference room of the Provincial People's Hospital, Grandpa Chen was very happy to meet the team members of the Eagle Holiday Team. He shared his story of growing up, dedication to his profession as well as the story of pursuing and continuing striving for his dream.

"Studying hard, being a good person, and taking the right path" - this is the "rule" Grandpa Chen’s father set for him when he was very young. This sentence profoundly influenced and inspired Grandpa Chen's life, and instilled in his childhood the idea of independence, self-reliance and self-improvement.

"I am a nail. I'm passionate about what I do and dedicated to it!" "Live to learn and learn to live" - this is Grandpa Chen's working philosophy and belief. Because of this faith, Grandpa Chen has made remarkable achievements in his academic career and been greatly praised by his foreign peers. Although he is 90 years old, Grandpa Chen is still working hard in the hospital's senior expert consultation center, practicing his personal ideas and belief.

Grandpa Chen especially admonished the members to read. "When I entered the study room or library, I felt so insignificant." Although his words sound so familiar but very impressive, everyone deeply feels the importance of "reading"! As for how to read, Grandpa Chen said, "Every time I started to learn a topic, I choose the best authoritative book to start: learn and practice. From ignorance to in-depth knowledge, I live to learn and learn to live!" Until now, Grandpa Chen still keeps on reading and study the new theories of the most cutting-edge science in the world!

Grandpa Chen also told us, " Building the Belt and Road initiative and a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind, exceeding the international advanced level, you must learn foreign languages and work hard!", "As excellent students of NFLS, you must learn foreign languages well!"

"Don't waste your time, only through hard-working, you can realize your dreams!", Grandpa Chen finally conveyed a message to the Eagle Team members: "Building and pursuing dreams, striving for the realization of the Chinese dream!"

Grandpa Chen Jiawei's striving experiences, as well as his earnestly inculcation and expectation, have greatly encouraged the members! Everyone said that they must bear in mind the teachings of Grandpa Chen, hold on well at the current situation with global vision, study hard and pursue dreams, and grow into an excellent talent who is useful to the country and society!

During the visit, Dr. Zhao Pengcheng from the Provincial People's Hospital also gave a vivid first aid training class to the team members, chest compression rescue, first aid dressing... From theory to practice, the students mastered an important first aid knowledge and skills, very beneficial! 

Zhao Shiyu & Yan Yuxin from Class 9 8th Grade


"Flying High" Eagle Holiday Team members took a group photo in front of the emblem of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital


Captain Zhao Shiyu led the visit


Yan Yuxin, on behalf of the team, presented flowers to Grandpa Chen Jiawei


Hang Jiangtong, on behalf of the team, helping Grandpa Chen Jiawei to wear the red scarf


90-year-old Grandfather Chen Jiawei told his story of striving


Grandpa Chen Jiawei and the team members took group photo


Dr. Zhao Pengcheng gave the team members first aid training class


The team members are practicing first aid dressing