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Soaked with Sweat, Bloom of Youth - 2019 NFLS 7th Grade New Student Orientation Report

From August 20th to 22nd, 2019, the new 7th Grade students of Nanjing Foreign Language ​​School participated in a three-day new student orientation and summarized their learnings on the afternoon of the 22nd.


During these three days, the students became familiar with the campus environment, met with other students, and studied the "Campus Handbook" and the "Charity Points Manual". And under the guidance of the teachers and instructors, they practiced military movements, sang military songs, and played the Jian Gong Quan.


The early autumn’s weather is even harsher than summer, and the students were not afraid of the scorching sun and trained hard on the sports field. Large drops of sweat dripped down from their foreheads and drenched their clothes. The long-lasting training made the students tired gradually, but no one complained. The bright military songs, the loud slogan chanting inspired the students’ fighting spirit over and over again.

At 3:30 pm on the 22nd, under the shining sunshine, in the eyes of the visiting parents, with President Zou Zheng's announcement "proceed according to the procedure", the concluding ceremony of the new student orientation for the new Grade 7 students, presided over by two students, Xinyi and Lu Hongxu, from Class 11 and Class 12 of Grade 7 respectively, officially began.

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Music sounded, the whole venue was boiling, more than 600 people marched into the sports field in a neat and uniform pace. The upright posture, firm and forceful steps, bold and confident eyes all show the vigorous and positive spirit of the new 2019 Grade 7 students.


The crisp foot sounds when students turning on all sides, the amazing rapid and consistent speed; the formation changes quickly and powerfully during the military song performance, and the singing momentum is as exciting as the rainbow. “Learning from Lei Feng”, “Battle Song of the Strong Army”, “Unity Is Power”... The passionate and heroic songs resounded over the campus one after another. The voice is full of self-confidence, filled with the enthusiasm of the new NFLS students, filled with the patriotism of the students who love their motherland and learning!


Martial arts is the quintessence of China, and the performance of "Jian Gong Quan" perfectly fits the spirit of the "Chinese soul, world's mind" of the students from NFLS. The students have a strong and energetic way to symbolize their courage to conquer mountains and rivers! The uniform movements and the passionate performance, won the applause of the parents in the audience.

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Zou Xiangyang, from Class 3 of the 7th Grade, spoke on behalf of the new students and shared with us her feelings since her admission to the school. She said, " We are all dreamers. We used to dream of going into NFLS, but now we want to be excellent in NFLS. Continuously having new dreams, constantly striving to achieve, self-confidence, perseverance, and collaboration – Isn’t this the spirit of NFLS?!” Other students present positively resonated her speech.


President Zou Zheng gave a high praise to the performance of the students and encouraged them to continue their efforts to become more ambitious, responsible and courageous. His ardent expectations have filled the hearts of the students with a passion for trying!


Soaked with Sweat, Bloom of Youth! After the presentation, some students were awarded "Excellent Student" title. Liu Qianshu, Party Committee Secretary of the school, read out the list of awarded students. Every awarded student, when their names were announced, stood upright on the green field and responded with full pride. This honor out of their sweat is of extraordinary significance. This is the first recognition that students get in the new school. It's a new starting point and a new beginning.


Finally, under the conducting of Liu Xiaoran, a student from Class 6 of Grade 9, the performance ended with the school song "World Feelings".


During the three-day orientation, the students built a profound friendship. While honing their characters and exercising their wills, they collectively completed every task with the spirit of uniting, cooperating, and not being afraid of pains. The students used their actual actions to show the teachers and parents the excellence and gracefulness of NFLS students. In the next three years, the students will create their own wonderfulness!