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"look at me" on the Military Training Field!-NFLS Freshmen's Military Training Report 

August 21, 2019, the second day of military training for the NFLS freshmen in senior Grade1. In the scorching sun, on the playground, the small bodies were full of strength, practicing carefully under the guidance of the instructor to .


The focus of today's training was Jiangong Boxing. Crouching down and  punching, crouching as steady as a clock, punching like a wind;stepping apart, move the gravity down, try to be stable and powerful. The students imitated with their hearts after the demonstration by the senior students. At first there was a little crooked and weak, but after a few exercises, they managed it well. We can say that military training was really amazing, in just a day or two, those high achiever in lessons, who are good at figure out questions, turned themselves into vigorous and powerful little soldiers. The boy students were fighting high, the girls were beautiful and handsome. Walk, dismiss, assemble,do military boxing... every action was as standard as possible, was in unison, even strict coach nodded and praised them.

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Were the students tired? Yes! Standing upright like a soldier made the waist sour and the leg pain,walking made the feet numb, crystal sweat beads slid down in a string. Did the students feel bitter? No! In other words, no one was afraid of the hardships! The hot sun was testing our will, the hot earth was testing our endurance. Hardship was harvest, that was how we started a new journey in senior high school, and it was an indispensable color in our youth.


In the break, "Come on, let's get a song." The loud military songs pervaded the campus. “the burgle trumpeted me, and the wind and rain came to see me. Look at me. Look at me!", the bright military song was full of the campus.

This song showed the common voice of our new students in NFLS, our stage will extend from the military training field, with the diligence, perseverance and team spirit given to us by military training, we can meet all the challenges of the future, look at me, look at us!