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I’m NFLS Student! – Thoughts on Junior Grade 1 Freshmen Enrollment Education

I will never forget the morning of July 6, 2019. The sun shined through the tree shade on Beijing East Road and spread to Nanjing Foreign Language School. I saw the huge teaching building, and proudly showed teachers at the door my Registration Notice. He smiled at me, and said: “Welcome you to NFLS.” I was excited as soon as I entered the school and proud that my dream had finally come true. Moreover, I felt a sense of responsibility because I became a NFLS student, and I had a sense of belonging here.


On the morning of August 20, all 2019 NFLS Junior Grade 1 students participated in the freshman entrance education. The brilliant sunshine shined on us, and we hold our heads high and strode forward.

As soon as I entered the lecture hall, I felt that I had integrated into a big family. All seats in the spacious lecture hall were occupied, but it was orderly and quiet. With sweet music, the lights projected by the promotional commercial reflected on the smiling faces of the students. I could see that they were as proud as me of becoming a NFLS student. Principal Zou sent us his sincere congratulations, and said:  “Congratulations to you, and all of you are successful dreamers.” Instantly, I heard the applause, accompanied by dreams full of hope.

The Military training officially began. We stood upright in the hot sun, lined up neatly, and loudly shouted slogans. Everyone tried to do their best. “This is an excellent team!” I could not help but praise. 


The wushu exercise is not easy. Besides complicated actions, the simplest and most basic firm stance step and bow step made the students complain. “Please bend your front leg to 90 degrees, straighten your back leg and keep your heels on the ground. Don't move or shake,” the instructors said. We tried our best to do it until we became exhausted. Our thighs became numb, and calves became senseless. When the instructors said “Stand up,” we could not immediately change the action.


“The actions were so complicated that I could not remember. Please come and help me.” The students around me asked me for help. Although it was the first day that we met, we looked like friends that we had known each other for six years. “Students, you have worked hard. “ The teacher's humorous sentences made us laugh and reduced our fatigue.




At this moment, I had spent my first day of junior high school life in NFLS, and thought that all of us once dreamed of entering the school, but now we should learn how to become an excellent NFLS student. It is the spirit of NFLS students to realize their new dreams.

Yes, I am a NFLS student.