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An Unprecedented Journey _-- the Fifth Day of Training on the Base

The night was getting deeper and deeper, but there was still a bright light flickering in front of the dormitory building. It was an open-air film watched together by the whole grade, and nearly 700 people cast their eyes on the huge screen.


The dense benches were arranged in an orderly manner, invisibly reflecting the sense of rules and team spirit cultivated in the five-day military training. From time to time, a burst of applause sounded from the audience, the patriotic enthusiasm and tenacious will of the hero in the film undoubtedly aroused the resonance of the students.


The purpose of military training is to train the students to bear hardships and stand hard work, and to cultivate students' awareness of national defense. Therefore, Xingzhi Base specially opened lectures on national defense education for us. The idea of "dedicating oneself to stronger defense construction" was also deeply imprinted in the minds of the students and was shown in the later training.


Let's have a look at the mood and feeling of the students through the practice manual of military training.

"In this military training, we had an unprecedented amount of bitterness and have never been so exhausted before, but we have achieved an unprecedented sense of discipline, and we have never seen an unprecedented sense of discipline and opened a good beginning for our senior high school life and a new journey for our life has already begun."

This military training has greatly improved our ability to take care of ourselves and shaped our spiritual style. It can be said that what we have learned from military training has benefited us for the rest of our lives.

At the same time, military training is also full of small touching things. Look, this is a moment captured by the students.

"when I was hypoglycemia, the instructor saw that I didn’t look well, he immediately helped me to the shade and poured me soem water; the classmate grabbed a handful of candy from his pocket and gave it to me; and the head teacher asked me about my health from time to time with great concern."

"in the dorm, it is common for those sleeping at the lower bunkers to pass the backpack to those sleeping at the upper bunks,for the students to borrow tissue, help to get water or get food."

The mutual concern between the students also gave some warmth to the hard training.

Everything was focused on the pen and turned into words of sincere thanks.


"Thank you, our dear instructors, our respectable teachers, and the best us!"