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Parents’ Kindness Shines Through Us in Hot Summer – On Fourth Day of Base Training

We were more than halfway through the military training on the fourth day. The students had made initial progress, and the training became detailed.


On the morning, the instructors used playing cards to correct our military gesture one by one. After three days of training, the students could calm down even in the hot sun. The teaching of parade step was still undergoing on the playground. “Steady! Raising your toes to the knees of the students in front!” The hoarse voice of the instructors echoed through the playground. Each company roared out their own slogans in orderly pace. At this time, the hand language class, the demonstration class and the national flag class also rehearsed separately to prepare for the final report performance.

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During the military training, school executives paid close attention to us every day. Today, Liu Qianshu, Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice President Lin Qin and Director Shang Yuanyuan sent their greetings to us, improving the students’ enthusiasm.


“In the hot sun, the military gesture is mighty, and the army flag waves. We are not weak, and we are flowers of our country.”

This powerful poem composed by the father of Li Zhiwei of Class 2 Senior Grade 1 vividly demonstrated our military training life. When we trained hard in the hot sun, our parents cast more attention on us. The head teachers shared with them the pictures of every kick of the parade step and every punch of the military boxing. They become not so worried about us when seeing our tanned skin, increasingly standard actions, and determination and unity, and proud of our growth. They also picked up their pens one after another to cheer us up and showed their self-restraint and talent.

I can not help but want to conclude with the poem of the father of Zhao Ang from Class 2 Senior Grade 1: “The east is growing light, and it is not early. NFLS students are receiving military training, and the landscape is unique. The training of six days is intensive and orderly, and their growth is expectable under the care of teachers.