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On the Youth China – On Third Day of Base Military Training

At 5:30 a.m. on August 18, the students got up early, but we were still in high spirits. The training last night was still vivid. The lively and interesting handclap brought us close to the instructors, and the inspiring Young China inspired everyone to better embrace the new day. While we underwent intense training, the head teachers also attended meetings to summarize our performance in one day.

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The sun had not yet fully risen, but we once again come to the football field to review what we learned yesterday and learn the rest actions. Under the blue sky, the students’ actions were impressive. We had an understanding of the strength and unyieldingness of soldiers. The visit of Principal Zou Zheng and Secretary Lv Yan made us warm.


We began to tidy up our dorms after the lunch break. Today we quickly tidied up our beds, and quietly stood at the door of the dorm for the instructors’ inspection. We folded up our quilts and made them square, and set our toiletries in order. In the barracks, we not only strengthened our physique, but also exercised our ability to live.


At our requests, we learned a new song. The exciting song echoed in the open space, and our heart was like the hot sun. The lyrics of “the country should be strong, and we should be responsible” were not only a requirement for soldiers, but also an expectation for every youth in the new era. We used practical actions to prove that we are not afraid of hardship, and we will always face difficulties to demonstrate our value of life with sweat and efforts wherever and whenever.