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In the Scorching Sun, We Had Sweats, No Tears -- the Second Day of the Military Training at the Base

At 05:30, on the morning of August 17th, a powerful bugle awakened the students from their sleep. With sleepy eyes, the students seemed to have not forgotten the mess from their first time housekeeping done the day before. The housekeeping included bathing, laundry and bedtime. "attention is focused on the queue when we are out, on housekeeping when inside." Housekeeping is not only the basic requirements of the soldiers, but also one of the goals that every NFLS student who participated in the training needed to strive to achieve.


At exactly 6: 00, the students finished housekeeping, changed school uniforms, and quickly came to the venue to start morning exercises. In the early morning sun, the NFLS students stood in orange and white rows, bold, tired, with paces in unison, it was such a different kind of scenery. After that, the grade leader, Teacher Yao Xiaoqin summed up everyone's performance, with particular emphasis on safety first.


Breakfast was like a little rest after the morning exercise, and it was also an extremely important energy supplement. After hard training, the usual youtiao (deep-fried dough sticks) and porridge are particularly delicious at the time. After a day of military training, the students ate more quietly and orderly than the day before, and better understood what the instructor meant by saying"discipline is the bottom line of soldiers."

The high temperature outside was 35 ℃, which could reflect the spirit of MFLS students who were not afraid of hardships and the scorching sun. After breakfast, all of us learned a military boxing. In the big playground, the students' shouts were high, the moves were strong,they wouldn’t give up even the sweat of the forehead fell into the eyes. In the light of the sun, the cold water in the bucket was sunned into hot water, but the students did not reduce the enthusiasm and perseverance of the study, which were the tenacious qualities that a soldier needed. One of the students said that the suffering of the military training exceeded my expectations. But the teachers said they were sure the NFLS student were able to finish the task. We will continue to make more efforts tomorrow!