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Steel-Like Will, Iron Discipline – On First Day of Base Military Training


At 8:00 a. m. on August 16, all the high school freshmen of Nanjing Foreign Language School stood neatly at the school gate in brand-new camouflage clothes to participate in the upcoming six days of base training.

After more than one hour, the students arrived at the Nanjing juveniles social practice knowledge base. Under the guidance of the instructors, we put our luggage away and quickly came to the playground, demonstrating an army-like pose, showing the style of every NFLS student.


Subsequently, the grand opening ceremony of military training began, presided over by Director Yin Herong of the Student Affairs Office. Secretary Lv Yan asked the students not to fear difficulties and follow through, observe discipline and obey command, and unite and share weal or woe. Receiving military training is not only an obligation stipulated by the national law, but also an opportunity to exercise our willpower, develop our indomitable and collectivistic spirit, paving the way for our high school life.

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There were strict disciplines in the barracks. During the meal, the instructors’ basic requirement for the students was to keep silent. We were asked to stand at attention before meal and could not eat until we heard instructions. While tidying up our dorms at noon, the instructors asked everyone to keep clean and tidy and sleep quietly.


The training on the afternoon was the highlight of the day. At the high temperature of 36 degrees, we held our heads high and did not move, consciously implementing the instructors’ various instructions. On the first day of the military training, we felt the strict discipline and high-intensity training of soldiers, but we believe that we will face difficulties and successfully complete the military training task.