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Nanjing Foreign Language School Grade 2019 Senior Grade One’s Freshman Military Training Mobilization Conference Was Held Solemnly

At 8 o'clock on August 15, 2019, the students sat down on time one by one, neatly- dressed, with the announcement of Teacher Liu Aijuan, deputy leader of the senior Grade 1, the 2019 Nanjing Foreign Language School Senior Grade One Freshman Training Mobilization Conference  was held in a grand manner. After the high-pitched national anthem, President Zou Zheng first delivered a speech, he confirmed the past achievements of NFLS and gave the new senior high school students with six hopes. Then Teacher Yao Xiaoqin, the group leader of senior Grade 1, introduced the schedule of the first day of military training, and put forward the requirements of military training and matters that needed attention. The students listened carefully and the venue was orderly and vibrant.


The meeting lasted for an hour. After the meeting, the students were divided into two groups. Classes 1 to 6 first received clothes for military training and went to the classroom to attend Red Cross training. Classes 7 to 12 stayed at the venue for Red Cross first aid training.Xuanwu Red Cross volunteers vividly taught trauma rescue and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, the students actively interact, raised their hands when asked questions, and they come on stage with grace, which fully showed the characteristics of self-confidence and sunshine of NFLS students.


About two hours later, the students gathered under the leadership of the head teacher and returned to class. With the cooperation of the teacher and the students, they soon became familiar with each other, in  twos or threes, they ate quickly, ready for the practice in the afternoon.

"what you have learned from books is rather shadow, so practice it yourself to get to the truth." The combination of theory and practice has always been the specialty of NFLS students. At 01:30 in the afternoon, the Red Cross training volunteer teacher arrived on time. After a brief review of what he had learned in the morning, he went straight to the theme, mainly including bandaging, pressing and other common first aid methods. In the process, while the teacher had the students fully play the skills, she tirelessly emphasized the essentials of action and helped to standardize the details. The 2-hour course was fleeting in the teacher's profound and vivid teaching. Finally, the teacher confirmed the students' humanistic care and learning ability.


with the teacher’s sweet reminding, the first day of military training ended. Tomorrow, we look forward to the military training at the base!