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Our Students Participate in Art Performance to Salute to the People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison

Starlight Shines in Hong Kong and Singing Dedicated to Motherland

Our Students on the Stage of ‘Art Performance to Salute to the People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison’

On the afternoon of August 7, the singing was loud and clear at the auditorium of the PLA Hong Kong Naval Base, along with the applause. In celebration of the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland and the upcoming 70th anniversary of the National Day, representatives of youth arts groups from all over the country gathered here to hold a grand art performance to pay tribute to the PLA Hong Kong Garrison. Zhao Shiyu of Class 9 Junior Grade 2 in our school together with the hostess of Macao Asia Satellite TV and others to preside over this grand performance to send the most sincere greetings and blessings to the officers and men of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison.

As a special host, Zhao demonstrated the artistic ability of the youth of Nanjing Foreign Language School with his excellent hosting style, and was highly praised by the officers and men of the people's Liberation Army as well as the director and his host partner. The performance was a great success.


Picture of Zhao Shiyu


Picture of Zhao, Macao Asia Satellite TV hostess (the second one on the left) and others


Representatives of Young Pioneers put on red scarves for PLA uncle and took a group photo


Picture of Zhao and Macao Asia Satellite TV hostess


Jiangsu program: Long Story


Saluting to the motherland with loud military songs


The performance concludes with passionate music


Group photo with PLA uncle at naval base