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Running Youth - Summer Camp for Excellent Students in 2019

It is full of vitality and enthusiasm in summer, a season for growing.

In order to develop team cohesiveness and enhance team effectiveness, Nanjing Foreign Language School kicked off the summer camp team building activity for outstanding students in Hollywood Magic City on July 1.


The team building activity included huddling, the recitation of ancient poems, literary knowledge competition, sports, treasure hunting and tearing brand name. These carefully designed cultural or sports projects stimulated everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm. Team members worked together to conquer the intellectual or physical projects one by one.

The activity began with unique grouping. Each grade selected one boy and one girl so that we were not limited to our friends in our own grade and the distribution of boys and girls was balanced. It also tested the students’ ability to quickly make friends and cooperate with students we did not know.


After grouping, the huddling activity was held. It was a warm-up activity, aiming to enable the students in groups to be quickly familiar with each other and drive everyone to participate in the activity.


As we became familiar with each other, we faced up to the test of the teamwork. During the recitation of ancient poems, each student took turns to say a word to see who can say quickest. All of these poems were from junior high school textbooks, but the students whined. In fact, we could basically recite, but probably we did not have enough confidence to remember. Therefore, the game tested our ability to recite classical classics and our teamwork to take turns to say a word. Our group was lucky to draw “Prelude to Water Melody,” which everyone can recite backwards. We quickly organized rehearsals, including the arrangement of standing positions. Consequently, the teacher randomly selected a student to recite the beginning, which halved the result of our rehearsal. But we quickly calmed down and played very well on the spot, and finally came first.

Next, the competition focused on the cultural foundation of each group and also tested the competition strategy. In the quickfire round, the titles of literary knowledge included “Who is the first patriotic poet in ancient China?” and “What times did Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao live in?”Each group appointed one member to grab the opportunity to be the first to answer, and all members of the winning team must say the answer together. The head of our team was responsible for obtaining the right. We had agreed on a good strategy: he did not grab the opportunity if we could not answer, and we would drop him a hint to be the first to answer if we could do.

We also had “PE” at the activity, including jumping rope on the pressure plate, three-legged race, shuttlecock kicking, and jumping on one foot in a column. The teacher called this “PE.” Everyone must participate in at least one of the first three items. In fact, it was designed to make us reasonably allocate sports activities according to each student's physical quality. My younger female schoolmate and I skipped the rope on the fingerboard. Two boys participated in the three-legged race, and the rest kicked the shuttlecock. We felt pain on the fingerboard, but she skipped with a smile and said: “You will not feel pain after you get used to it.” I did so, and as expected we had fewer pauses than other groups in the real competition, winning valuable time for our group. Other projects were also carried out in an orderly manner. In the end, everyone had to line up with a single hop. We failed for the first time, but for the second time we quickly found the rhythm of the movement, slowing down earlier and speeding up later. Finally, we succeeded.

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The treasure hunt activity was regrettable but happy. The “treasures” were hidden in the two places, the Flame Mountain and the Snow World. Our team quickly spread out and searched everywhere. When everyone was still gathering in the snow and ice world, we found three paper strips in the Flaming Mountain (four paper strips were buried in the flame mountain). Later, our blue team gathered the papers in our hands to see if they could be made into English words, but unfortunately no English words could be made. In the end, no group could achieve the goal, but we were satisfied with so many paper strips. At this time, the teacher told us that we could exchange paper strips with other groups to complete the task, which enabled us to have a deep understanding of the true meaning of the activity.

We often watch the game of tearing brand name on TV, and now it came to me. Each group sent three students. My younger female schoolmate in our group was besieged by three people at the beginning. Finally, she escaped chasing by her own efforts, but she had her fingers scratched. I backed up her, and quickly tore off the name brand of one student with my teammates. But we did not notice the “black man” behind us and were eliminated.

Finishing all projects, we summarized and shared the experience and gains in the process of challenges, fully realizing the cooperative awareness of team trust, effective communication, transposition thinking, reasonable organization, leadership, execution and team cooperation. We actively participated in the activities, faced difficulties, and boldly challenged ourselves. All team members encouraged each other to overcome psychological barriers, and did not escape or give up.

In the afternoon of hot summer, we were moved, made efforts and learned a lot. We were schoolmates and friends, delighted and feeling nostalgic. As time went on, the team building activity successfully came to an end. We obtained friendship in the joyful projects and exercised ourselves in the challenging activity.

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We believe that in the future study and life, we will accompany and help each other to create a better tomorrow together!