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Educational Practice Plan on the Theme of "70th Anniversary of the National Day"

"On October 1, 1949, history was fixed at Tiananmen Gate Tower. At 3 p.m., Chairman Mao solemnly announced: "the People's Central Government of the People's Republic of China has been established today!" This year, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of our great motherland.

70 years of glory and dreams, all happens in a flick of finger.

After 70 years of pursuit and running,earth-shaking changes have taken places in our life.

In order to help the students deeply feel the great struggle course of our Party and the great changes since the 70 years of the founding of the People's Republic of China, further cultivate the patriotism among students, and guide the students to take the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as their own responsibility, the school League Committee and the Young Pioneers Team launched the theme practice of the 70th Anniversary of the National Day in the summer of 2019.

I. the new junior 2nd graders: "growing up with the motherland" interview activities

1. The activities include: The Young Eagle Holiday Team activities are carried out in the form of a group, and it is recommended that the group be composed of 5 to 13 players, with no more than 13 members. Find the veterans, the old comrades, the old experts, the old teachers, the old working models, those who is the same age of the PRC, and so on, and listen to the stories about how they did their job, how they built their dreams and continued to fight.

2. Process requirements: the Young Eagle Holiday Team should make a good activity plan, make clear the background and implementation requirements; keep a good record of the activity, wear the red scarf, accompanied by a guardian, safety first; after the event, team members jointly write a "Growing Up With the Motherland" activity report, the report should be included every student involved.

3. Special reminder: if it is not convenient to participate in Young Eagle Team activities, you can carry out personal activities under the guidance of the parents. Listen to the story by the older generation about the great changes that have taken place in New China in their eyes, or the story of their hard work. After the event, you need to write the "Growing Up With the Motherland" activity report and submit it to the class leader.

4. Submit the results:

(1) the Young Eagle Team: submit the results of the event through the "Smart Young Pioneers" APP, the Young Eagle Holiday Team’s information (team name, team flag, team song, the team counselor and members’ introduction, the activity plan, the search process, the team activity reflections, activity summary) and the photos during the search, videos and other contents should be uploaded to APP from July 1 to August 31. (texts can be uploaded directly; photos should be uploaded in JPEG format, no more than 6 copies; video no more than 3 minutes, size no more than 100MB) At the same time, the activity report will be submitted to the class leader.

(2) Each class: please summarize and sort out the materials, summarize the students who participate, activity form, activity purpose, activity result and so on, together with the Eagle Team report and personal activity report, send to the email address: by September 1. Please compress each file into an attachment to the email with the name of the class. Each Eagle Team file is named as: grade+class+ the team name, and personal report is named as class+name.

II. new junior 1st graders and new junior 3rd graders:  I Want to Say to Our Motherland

1. I take a photo with the national flag.

Red flag,has passed from generation to generation, I am proud of the five star red flag, I am proud of the motherland. The students can take part in the flag raising ceremony or take pictures with the national flag(it is necessary to record what you want to say to our motherland in written words), or record short video and record what you want to say to the motherland at same time.

2. I take pictures of beautiful China

In order to show the magnificent beauty of the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, and to show the love of the great motherland, please record the beautiful scenery of the motherland with your camera. You can take pictures (record what you want to say to our country at the moment), or record short videos of what you want to say to your country.

In the work, the students are required to appear in the video/pictures, the content should be healthy and upward, the style is unique, the personality is distinct; full of the sense of the times, creativity and red color; the subject is unlimited, the content can be historical or modern architecture, local humanities and so on.

The above two activities, please choose at least one to finish among new junior 1st graders, we encourage the new junior 3rd graders to participate. The Young Pioneers, League members should take the photos with the red scarf, regiment emblem. If taking a picture, please put the original picture and what you want to say to the motherland in an A4 page of Word file,the above is the picture, with what you want to say to the motherland underneath, take a look at the attachment as an example.

The results submission: individuals submit electronic manuscripts and printed manuscripts to the class by August 22, the class arranges the classroom theme blackboard newspaper on September 1, and mergers the electronic manuscripts into one file named by the class and send to email address: by September 2.

III. Senior highs theme essay:

1. On October 1, 2019, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. Looking back on the course of 70 years’ development, the people of the whole country have made concerted efforts, bravely opened up and overcame one barrier after another, and won one victory after another, and the Chinese nation has ushered in a great leap from standing up and from getting rich to strong. We will make more progress. When the economic and social development is steady, when China is approaching the center of the world stage day by day, the new historical orientation gives us a new historical mission for each of our Chinese sons and daughters: 2019, the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China; 2020, building a well-off society in an all-round way; and 2049, the founding of the people's Republic of China 1 The 00th anniversary; in 2050, we will fully build a socialist modern and powerful country. These important times call for our continuous fighting.

In this torrent of history, how do you position your ideals and aspirations, and what will you do and what responsibility will you take? Please write a letter of about 800 words with the title "To Myself in 30 Years": you can either base it on the present, or look forward to the future; or write with a big idea, or a small one; or motivate the text, or tell the story. With your literary style to send a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, put your enthusiasm into a brilliant new era!

2. requirements

(1)  Please submit the essay to your Chinese teacher in the form of A 4 printed copy by September 6 th.

(2) Senior high school Chinese group will select a number of outstanding works and submit the electronic version to participate in the school essay evaluation.

the Students’ Management Office, NFLS

the Youth League Committee, NFLS



My Motherland and I

Class _____ Name: ______ The Great Motherland, Im Proud of You!