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Integrating Love with Culture, Blending Wisdom with Elegance - On the Final of Head Teachers’ Basic Skills Competition of NFLS in 2018-2019 School Year


Head teachers are the main executor of moral education and management of middle school students, and the guide of the healthy growth of middle school students. In order to improve the work quality of head teachers, promote their professional development and the construction of the head teachers' team, our school launched the competition of basic skills of head teachers in the second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year. At 3:00 p.m. on June 19, 2019, the final of the competition for the 2018-2019 school year was successfully held in the multi-functional hall on the seventh floor of the administrative building of Nanjing Foreign Language School.


Judges were professors Zhu Xi and Chen Hongyan of the School of Educational Science of Nanjing Normal University, professor-level senior teachers and special-class teachers Chen Yi and Li Aiyun of the Teaching Department of Nanjing Foreign Language School, and Han Weiping, the head of the grade group of Nanjing Foreign Language School and the leader of moral education in Nanjing.


After three rounds of competition, online theoretical knowledge answers for the preliminary contest, the design of the theme activity scheme of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Education and the style display of class culture construction, eight head teachers from six grades in the school and the International Department stood out and entered the final. They will have a five-minute introduction and exhibition of class culture and on-site questions and answers of educational scenes. The eight teachers are Liu Aijuan, Xia Zhongjie, Chen Wenxian, Li Zhigang, Zhu Ling, Zhao Sida, Yu Lu and Tang Yuanyuan.

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After Gu Qing, the leader of moral education, presided over the opening remarks, the wonderful class culture construction style display began. Eight contestants introduced the characteristics of their respective grades and classes in the order of drawing lots, affectionately, passionately, calmly, or unhurriedly.


After the display of pictures and words, Professor Zhu Xi of the School of Educational Science of Nanjing Normal University made wonderful comments, affirming the contestants’ theme, PPT or dynamic video design, and speech, and also giving more targeted suggestions for promotion.

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After the demonstration of class culture construction full of rationality and emotion, the tense educational scene began. After drawing lots and a little preparation, each contestant analyzed the problems in the situation on the spot, and put forward solutions, or asked the assistant to simulate the situation together, outlined the reasons, and answered the questions of the judges. They got warm applause from time to time for confident and calm demeanor, clear and methodical expression, and rapid and wonderful answers.


After the question-and-answer session, Professor Chen Hongyan of the School of Educational Science of Nanjing Normal University highly praised the proposition and the contestants' performance. Her advices for the question-and-answer skills benefited the contestants and teachers.

Finally, Secretary Lv Yan of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the school in charge of moral education made a comprehensive summary of the organizational purpose and process of the contest and the performance of the contestants, and said that the school will continue to hold such activities to promote the development of moral education in NFLS.


All the head teachers of NFLS actively participated in the basic skills contest. They summarized and thought about their work, especially experienced the philosophy, wisdom and charm of moral education of NFLS. All of them benefited a lot, and were full of hope and confidence for the future moral education work.